Monday, 2 May 2016

Techie Wizard

I have exciting news to share.

For about three years now, I have been retailing AURIFIL thread to my classes and other occasional venues.

Having "hooked" all my lovely ladies on this wonderful thread I have been searching and deliberating over the different, mind blowing ways to sell online now that I will no longer be teaching. And I need something to keep me from Homes Under the Hammer.

So I finally fell upon Ecwid, a platform that allows me to have a shopping cart on my blog and on Facebook too.

So, if you are having AURIFIL withdrawal symptoms just go to the SHOP page at the top of this page and you will be led into my wonderful sweetie thread shop.

Or why don't you follow me on Facebook.

I don't have all my stock listed just yet, so if you don't see what you are after just email me or private message me on FB.

Wish me luck.

Sunday, 1 May 2016


April was a quick month - although I would normally have finished classes for the summer at this time of year, I am very conscious of the fact that I don't have projects to plan for the Autumn, unless they are's a bit weird, but I'm sure I'll get used to it.

I have spent a lot of time clearing out "stuff" in my sewing room although I must say the novelty of that has worn off a bit and there is much that could still be done, ............later.

I have been doing the BOM in Today's Quilter, by Jen Kingwell - I very much enjoyed making "My Small World", also one of her patterns, and developed quite a love for working with little scraps and pretty much throwing anything together - I know this is not for everybody but I rather like the scrappy, eclectic look.
So I caught up and completed all 8 (!) of April's blocks.

I have made all 8 but don't seem to have photos of them all. The blocks will finish at 6" x 7". I finished just as the May edition of Today's Quilter dropped on my doormat - and I see that there are another 8 blocks for this month.........sigh.

I like April, possibly because it's my birthday month. There was a time when I'd have hated a household item as a gift, but I have changed over the years and my family got together and got me this -

Cakes are possibly the last thing I should have in my life but hey, I don't have to eat them all do I?
I made these first......

and then I might have made myself a birthday cake - oh the time it took me to mould those carrots...(wink). My lovely daughter declared it "coffee shop quality" - I'll take that.

As a lovely finale to April, on Friday, I went with friends to the Knitting and Stitching Show, in Edinburgh, loads and loads of traders offering the usual temptations, not as many exhibits as I expected and lots of mini workshops which we did not realise would be there - next time we'll prepare ahead. I did go with the intentions of buying this kit, from Cool Crafting -

and I look forward to having a go at creating this sweet bunny.

And finally, this week, a friend lent me this book -

I have not read through in detail but I reckon it's a super book full of colour theory with practical projects to explain said theory. Sometimes I find the dedicated books on colour theory a little too much to absorb, but I think this is one you would return to again and again - my friend found it in The Works and told me they have a website - who knew? I always thought of them as the cheap bookshop on the High Street. This book is currently on sale at £4. They have several other quilting books available too. Worth a look.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Tying Up Loose Ends

Since the phenomenally successful Open Day I have been "tidying my room" and sorting out leftovers from our Bring & Buy Stall.

Some lovely IG contacts purchased some extra Lucky Dips and have collectively pushed our total over the £1700 - brilliant!!

One more "MysteryPackage" will go out today and then I am off out on a charity shop run with leftover books etc.

Whilst at the Post Office I will finally be posting off this bundle of quilts to Siblings Together.

Thank you again to all the bluepatch quilters who contributed, time, blocks and fabric to make these four quilts - each one measures approximately 60" square. I am linking them to the Siblings Together blog.

Monday, 4 April 2016

Bluepatchquilters' Open Day

So, it's all over - our final Open Day was yesterday and my plan was to reflect the different projects we have tackled over the last 12 years. There weren't as many quilts on show as in previous years but that allowed for a bit more room to move and to view those that were on display.

As most of you know, there was a huge focus on our fundraising this year with extra impetus from my online friends.
We had a huge amount of "stuff" on the Bring Buy Stall and brisk business at the Lucky Dip which sold out in record time

Demand for teas & coffee was high as always, possibly due to the lure of luscious home baking. I felt it my duty to conduct some quality control in that department.......

I was main photographer this year and feel on reviewing my pics, that I might have included a few more but must have been distracted (probably by those cakes again!)

Anyway, just to give you a flavour of the event, here is a wee slideshow - when you hover over the play button, the big P for Pinterest appears, click just outside the P to be taken to the slideshow
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As I said before, there was a lot of focus on the fundraising and this year we chose to give our funds raised to Glasgow Children's Hospital Charity (see this post).

I knew before going yesterday that is was going to be a good one - I had received way in excess of 200 fat 1/4 s following  my Instagram appeal, not only fat 1/4 s, but lovely crafted items and it seemed not a day went by last week that I didn't get an envelope in the post with a tenner inside.
I received donations from friends and family, and from students current and former.

We achieved a total of £1675.36, a sum beyond my wildest dreams and proves how much kindness there is in the world.

So thank you - to everyone who responded to my Blog and IG appeal.
To friends and family. (including OH  Allan who has manhandled chairs and tables and sewing machines in his janitorial role, for 12 years)
To my lovely Sewing Bee mates for running the kitchen and serving the teas etc.
To my squad of volunteers who manned the busy Bring & Buy Stall.
To my Crafty Duo for manning the Craft Stall.
To Amanda who has agreed to run classes now that I have retired. Good luck for the future.
To each and every one of my lovely ladies who has attended my classes and workshops over the last 12 years.
Couldn't have done it without you all.

To finish, please indulge me - my wee grand daughter, Ava, made her first appearance at an Open Day when she was just 3 weeks old. She has now turned 4 and has just been to her 5th. Try as I might I can't find my photos from last year so have substituted one from the same month.

Friday, 25 March 2016


I have had a hugely busy time since  my last post! Little did I realise the impact my simple request on the blog & IG would have.

Almost immediately the postman was delivering packages on a daily basis and fat quarters just poured in, (I stopped counting at 150) plus notions, plus yardage, plus pre cuts, plus zippy bags, pouches, dollies'sleeping bags - oh the kindness has been overwhelming.

Having previously worked in our local fabric shop, I have spent many a pleasant hour, sorting and matching and have lovely co-ordinated bundles to offer at the Open Day.

In advance of the big day, I have sold a couple of my old quilts, a donated sewing machine, tickets for the Edinburgh Knitting & Stitching Show, (kindly donated by one of my students), received donations, sold some fabric already, and all in all, have in excess of £500 already - all to go to Glasgow Children's Hospital Charity (Yorkhill)
I also have in excess of 60 packages ready for a Lucky Dip, and loads of "stuff" for our sales table.

The Open Day is on Sunday 3rd April in Alloway Village Hall (opposite Burns Cottage) from 11 -3 and as well as all the sales, there will be teas & coffees and home baking and of course, quilts, reflecting the 12years of my classes. Do come if you can.

So, of course, I will post after the event to report on the final sum realised, as well as showing off the quilts etc., BUT, I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all of you out there who responded to my appeal - together, we are going to make a difference.

As well as coping with my extra post, the last two weeks has seen me wrapping up 12 years of teaching my classes so emotions (mine) have been running a little high. I have been thoroughly spoiled by my ladies. It's been a quick 12 years and many friends have been made along the way. I know our paths will continue to cross in the future and look forward to meeting up often.

Since Christmas all classes have been working on "Return to the Valley" - this was an abridged version of a project we did back in 2007. There was scope for a fair bit of individuality and here is a glimpse of some of the work completed. Well done ladies, you have all been brilliant!!

Stay tuned.

Monday, 29 February 2016

A Little Help Can Go A Long Way.

EDIT - sp, you are coming up as a no reply blogger and I am unable to respond. Please email me directly to receive my address.

Moving on from my last post, many of you know that my class year always ends with an Open Day.

This year it will be held on the 3rd of April in Alloway Village Hall, Ayr - just opposite Robert Burn's cottage.

This year, being my final year, the exhibition part will be reflective of classes done over the last 12 years.

Each year, we have a Bring and Buy stall - "stuff", related to sewing or knitting etc is donated and we sell it on. We also have teas & coffees with yummy home baking. All in all, we manage to raise quite a bit of money for a chosen charity. Let me tell you about this year's choice.

About Beth
Beth is a cheeky 3 year old from Ayr. She was born with the rare genetic condition Neurofibromatosis. In November 2015 she was diagnosed with a brain tumour. As a result she has endured multiple surgeries and is currently undergoing a year of chemotherapy at Glasgow's Royal Hospital for Children (the New Yorkhill). 
We could use all the usual cliches to describe her as brave or a wee fighter but they don't begin to do justice to how well she has coped with and adapted to such a massive change in her life. The tumour and surgery have left her with a significant left sided weakness which has had a huge impact on her day to day life. 
Beth is a little friend of my Grandaughter Ava so her story is a personal one for my family.

All funds raised will actually go to Yorkhill Children's hosptital in Glasgow.

As I prepare for our Open Day I thought maybe a Lucky Dip would be a fun addition and as I wrapped a few small items today, it occurred to me that fat 1/4s would be a useful and welcome dip item and then I thought maybe some of my blog readers might feel inclined to donate a fat 1/4 to the cause?
Should this be you, then please email me -  sheiladonnachieatbtinternetdotcom  and I shall let you have my postal address.
I thank you in advance should you wish to do this.

Meanwhile here is a link to Beth's fundraising page where you can read more about the campaign.

Many many thanks for reading this.

Sunday, 28 February 2016

Rite of passage

Today, I held my final workshop in Alloway Village four weeks time my regular classes will come to a close, not just for the season, but under the Bluepatch umbrella, for the last time.
Yes, I am hanging up my rotary cutter, well in a teaching capacity that is..........

I have been teaching now for 12 years, I started with 4 ladies around my dining table and currently have 4 classes of 12 ladies in a local community centre.

Those of you who have followed this blog will have seen much of the work completed by my super students.
We have made many a quilt, lots of smaller items like the Mega Pinnie, overnight bags, so many things, too numerous to mention. We have held an Open Day at the end of each session and raised hundreds of pounds for different charities, and we have made blocks and this year, quilts, again, for different charities.

I always wanted to teach but for one reason or another it was never meant to be, back when I was young.
Looking back over the last 12 years and having read the many lovely recent emails from some of my students, I have come to realise that I have indeed fulfilled that long held ambition.

It has been an absolute privilege to pass on my love of patchwork and quilting and infect so many others with my obsession.
I have watched friendships grow in class and I count myself lucky to have made so many friends myselfalong the way.

It was terribly hard making the decision to retire, but I hope I sweetened the pill by announcing to my classes that one of my very talented students is going to take on the role and begin classes of her own.

Amanda has been with me for a relatively short time but her abilities were easy to spot. Many of you will know her on Instagram as weeshuttermonkey.

For her new teaching venture she has rebranded the classes and will become Cake and Crafting with Shuttermonkey.

I wish her well and know she will get oodles of support from all my lovely ladies.

I plan to keep on blogging, keep on quilting, keep on selling my Aurifil and keep on keeping in touch with as many of you all as I can.

In the meantime here are a few pics from today's workshop.


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