Sunday, 23 May 2010

On the Move

Lots to share with you today.
First of all I can now safely declare that Allan and I have sold our house and found another. Many of you will recall the nightmare we had 2 yrs ago............this time the house sold inside 24hrs to the first couple who viewed, a lovely young couple with a little girl who I am sure will make the most of our municipal park sized garden!
We were under no great pressure to find a new abode due to the kindness of friends, but did view a couple of interesting took our fancy, went to closing and amazingly enough - we got it! Contracts are now concluded, everything is binding and we move on 25th June so everything sorted start to finish in 2 months!! By the time I return to class, hopefully all the packing boxes will have been recycled.
By the way, not moving too far, just to Kersepark, phone number remains the same.

I had a nice card from Jan, my friend in Worcester , who ran the London marathon - she was over the moon at our contribution of £360.10 and hopefully you will be able to read it for yourself below -

Just click on letter to make it bigger.

I have also received a letter from Pat Harvey, the Linus rep, thanking you all for your generous contributions of quilted & knitted blankets.

Lastly, last week I visited the excellent Loch Lomond Quilt Show - how many of you managed to go I wonder? Firstly was very excited to see the work of my City & Guilds tutors, Linda & Laura Kemshall, great to see their work up close and personal.

In the same hall as their exhibits was a huge Yurt which is a Mongolian hut. its roof was clad in quilted tweed panels and then all around its circumference hung quilted panels, very beautiful. All of this appeared to be the work of one woman - Linzi Upton, from Aberdeen - check her out on the internet here. We came away from this feeling terribly inadequate.............
If you click on my flickr link to the left it will take you to my LLQS 2010 photos - I have a feeling I took more, must investigate further.
It was a super day out, very tiring but inspiring too.

My sewing tasks are limping on slowly, fighting for my attention against packing and dreams of new kitchens................

Before I sign off, I think I have made it easier for you to leave a comment below my post or maybe just a tick in a box? Sometimes I feel like I am talking to myself and that can be a dangerous thing at my age!!


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