Wednesday 17 July 2013

A Stingy Tip

Nicky posted her August block a little early to give some of the worker bees a chance of getting ahead of the game in August.
She has asked for these rectangular blocks...........
Image pilfered from Nicky's blog.

It is a quick and easy block to make with just one tiny challenge, making the top and bottom row align well.
So I thought you might like to see how I manage to do this.

Here you see the three rows waiting to be assembled.

In this one I have joined rows 1 & 2 and pressed away from the white.

Next, align a ruler against the left seam of the top row. Try and have the ruler square with either long seam too, or maybe the top or bottom edge depending on how your fabric is behaving! Make a little pencil mark on the right side as shown in the pic.

Repeat, aligning ruler with right hand seam. Make mark.

As always, my photography lets me down, but it's tricky balancing the camera in one hand!

Now, with right sides together, match the pencil marks to the seams of the bottom row & stitch.

And press.

And my finished blocks...weird angle!

This wee trick is also useful for aligning sashing. Top tip from a Stingy Brit!!


  1. I like that tip - thanks Sheila! Might have better luck aligning my sashing if I try that! Sometimes it seems to shift a fraction no matter how well I think I have lined it up. Will def try this.

  2. Great tip Sheila, I could definitely do with trying this out :)

  3. Good tip Sheila. I am not ahead of the game so I will make full use of this handy tip! Di x

  4. You do this so professionally Sheila - guess that's why you are the teacher

  5. Whats this "Stingy Brit" thingy?
    I thought you were a Great Scot!

  6. Thanks Shelia...I'll be needing that tip today. Got your blocks done yesterday so will post them off today.

  7. Great tip Sheila and lovely blocks :)

  8. This is exactly what I do (although usually on the wrong side so I can pierce the line with a pin, I'll have to try it on the right side) - lovely to see someone else doing the same!

  9. Thanks for sharing great tip!

  10. Very clever missus! PS, you joining us for the teacher get together?

  11. Great tip-too late for me though, so I hope my blocks are up to scratch. Took me ages to be convinced mine were lined up



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