Sunday, 20 March 2011

Two Old Chooks & A Bunch of Chicks, at a Hen Do!

Our very good friends, Delia & Ken, are having a rough ride at the moment - Ken has been in hospital for a while and last week, was transferred to Edinburgh, to the RIE.
Their very lovely daughter, Lorna, is marrying Matt, in 8 wks and this weekend was her "Hen do"..........her friends were coming together from all over the country, and Janet & I joined the young - uns, our status promoted temporarily to substitute mums, as Delia was unable to be with us.

Saturday, we set off bright and early, by mini bus ( ok - it was actually a dial - a- bus, good practice) and had a lovely trip down to Pebbles Spa, just south of Girvan.
There, we had an arduous day which involved lolling about in a jacuzzi, playing with some gym equipment, some rather pampering treatments and a lovely lunch - all with a glorious view of Ailsa Craig.
At 6pm we were picked up and taken to our dinner reservation at Wildings, in Maidens. The food there is wonderful.

Today, we gathered earlyish, at Alloway Village Hall for a Bunting Workshop. The teamwork was astonishing and we managed to complete 129 bunts (officially the singular of bunting)...these will be part of the decoration of the wedding venue.
For those who wish to see more, click on my flickr button and go to Lorna's Big Hen Do.

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  1. What a lovely day - and I think the idea of bunting for the wedding is brilliant.



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