Monday, 19 December 2011

Monday Memories 5

As this might be the last chance this year for a Monday memory, I thought I would make it a Christmas one.
When I was putting my decs up this year I thought to myself that there must be a quilter living in my house - amazing how it all piles up.
This quilt was the product of a day workshop (must have been about 2002ish) in Linlithgow, at Purely Patchwork. Back in the day, when me and my friends were fledgling quilters, PP was the nearest LQS, only about 2hrs away. I know we drove there, parked, had no fabric rquirements till we arrived, bought fabric ++, went for lunch and came home happy with purses much lighter than they were when we set out. So no change there then! The quilt was simply a 9 block, built round 5 Debbie Mumm cushion panels. Whilst there in the workshop, I remember spotting a wallhanging, also DM, so had to buy the book and make this............

I am sure all these twee Christmas designs from Debbie Mumm and Lynette Jensen etc just fed in to our fascination for the American Christmasses that we grew up seeing on TV.
This would be a lengthy post if I included pics of every Christmas make, but in 2005, I held my first "Christmas in July" workshop. The above mantel cover was just one of several items available to make that day and the photo gives you a tiny glimpse of the mess that is my sewing room - I don't have a fireplace.
Around the same time, Anja Townrow published the pattern for the above star (foundation pieced) - I made one for my friend, and she made one for me. Pioneer swappers obviously!!

These wallhangings were made in 2005 too - by this time I was working part-time in our local fabric shop and we had a bale of these panels come in - I think they were by Teresa Kogut or maybe Nancy Halvorsen. I made a set of these quilted hangings, put them in the window and the whole bale sold - great feeling.
This quilt was the subject of my 2006 "Christmas in July" workshop - it included patterns and instructions to make lots of items from a mug mat to the full quilt. All the stars were foundation pieced.
And that concudes My Quilted Christmas - ta da!


  1. Wow, loads of makes there! I never seem to keep anything I make, hmmmm, may need to rectify that!

  2. What a lot of memories - my last (first) year's efforts are best forgotten!

  3. Lovely post, that foundation pieced whopper of a star is fab!

  4. you have loads of christmassy makes! I'm with Sarah - love the foundation star!

  5. I love all the different makes for differenat Christmases. The bird house is twee, but in a good way. I like it. Having it out for Christmas is fun!

  6. It is all part of the journey - and at least you finished all yours at the time !

    I am still catching up on my past finishing of my UFOs - trip down memory lane in itself!

    Are you still doing Christmas in July??

  7. Love your Christmas makes and how they're full of memories - enjoy them for the next few weeks!

  8. Oh lovely! Debbie Mumm patterns are so much more acceptable at Christmas time! I especially love the foundation pieced table centre. Have a lovely one! Jxo

  9. Lovely memories and christmas makes! The bird house is adorable :)

  10. I enjoy your trips down memory lane Sheila - I like your blocks of courthouse steps in the top quilt!

  11. I really like all the quilty holiday things you have made and it is lovely to hear the stories behind them, thanks for sharing.

  12. Twee perhaps, but very cosy and satisfying looking! I love all these things!



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