Sunday 26 June 2016

The times they are a changin'

In two weeks since my last post so much has happened - we lost a young and vibrant mum, gunned down in broad daylight whilst just doing the job she obviously loved and believed in.

After a dishonest political campaign (by both sides IMO) we are now a country in turmoil, divided and facing an uncertain future.....

Day to day however, life goes on but routine here at Bluepatch central has been a little disrupted - following on from Nursery Sports Day, we have been taking precautions to avoid - NITS - we have all been under the weather with what might be hay fever, all the while waiting for the inevitable eruption of chickenpox!
Finally this weekend it is well on the wane and the little 'un might make it for her last day at nursery year 1, on Tuesday,

The event that I mentioned in my last post, in aid of Memories are Better than Dreams went ahead last Saturday and was very well attended, with over £2000 being raised.

For those of you who were involved in my Open Day fundraiser back in April for "Team Beth" and The Glasgow Children's Hospital Charity, you might be interested in watching this video - it lasts quite a few minutes and shows off Scotland at its best. I am proud to say my son in law is one of the cyclists taking part - they did so well.

Tip - Watch it fullscreen.

So on a sewing theme I have been plodding on with my Today's Quilter BOM by Jen Kingwell, still working on Month 9 (Month 11 has just been published) but I am happy to say I have just finished all eight blocks for month 9.

I might have to take a little break from the BOM as I have decided to take up an Ayrshire Quilters' challenge and make a small quilt for an upcoming local exhibition, hope to have more info for my next post.

I managed to make a quick block for Leeds Modern Quilters' Guild in response to their "Quilts for Jo" - they are hoping to have enough blocks to provide Jo Cox's children (and family members) with comfort quilts. (see opening para)

And I almost forgot - I made a start on my Luna Lapin kit by Cool Crafting. I treated myself to this back in April when I was at the Knitting and Stitching Show. I have thoroughly enjoyed making her, and have the kit to make another dress, plus coat & shoes - she will be one smart bunny.

And finally, I took delivery of a lovely selection of threads from Aurifil for my shop.
I have a super selection of 40wt & 50wt large spools, a fabulous boxed collection by Karen Lewis Textiles, and some Aurifil storage boxes. One of the things that frustrates me greatly about my shop is the fact that just one spool of Aurifil thread constitutes a small parcel in Royal Mail eyes - I could also fill a shoebox with spools for the same postage rate - crazy!! So, I have played with my calculator and am now offering free shipping on UK / EU orders of £25 and over. I hope you agree that coupled with my competitive prices, this offers great value.

Enjoy the video!


  1. Can I ask you why you are making 8 blocks a month for the Jen Kingwell bom? Hope that's to too cheeky a question. Carol W

  2. Love the BOM blocks, but understand you wanting/needing to take a break as it seems quite intense! Well done on the amazing amount raised for the charity, and well done for finishing Luna - she's gorgeous!



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