Sunday 18 December 2016

Festive Greetings

I doubt there will be many more posts before the year end so I shall take this opportunity to post before everything gets out of hand in the last minute madness that is Christmas.
In previous years we bloggers used to post monthly round ups of our work and then perhaps an annual edition. These things seem to have lapsed, and recently on Instagram I have been seeing "my favourite nine" appearing on many feeds.

Well I have made a bit of a montage of a few of my moments of 2016. Not all the makes are mine.

You will see work done by some of my final classes before I retired in March, an image of the quilts made by my classes for Siblings Together, cushions and gifts made for and received from blog friends here and Mega Pinnie that made it into print (my 15 minutes of fame), my foray into a little chair current Bee project.

Centre stage goes to my wee grand daughter and little Beth.

My best wishes to you all.xx


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