Tuesday 29 September 2009

For those of you who are booked on Sunday's workshop, here is a little visual inspiration.................check them out next time you are on the Auld Brig, family of five - delightful.

Monday 28 September 2009

Am just back from a wee shopping trip to Costco! Picked up my first Christmas pressie, sorry, no pressure!

So good to see first response posted, thanks Nan. Sounds like you enjoyed the quilt show, it's a while since I was at Ingliston, maybe now that there is Loch Lomond and the Festival of Quilts to go to, we are all being spread a bit thin.

Have been busy prepping for this weeks class - at the end of two weeks I'll post any comments for those who have missed the class.

Also making last minute prep for the workshop on Sunday - it's "Stuff a Goose for Christmas" and everybody seems to be looking forward to it - I think it will be a very relaxing day.

Told the kids that I had created a blog - Jenny said blogs aren't for old people - huh! And Stu just implored me not to send him a link...........they should be proud of their mum, keeping up (just about) with all this new technology.

Friday 25 September 2009

Planning Permission..............

To all of you who have been involved with the "Cottage" pattern problems..............you will know I have been creating and sending pdf files and experiencing a few wee problems.
For those of you who have printed off the pattern and found it to be not exactly 9" here is a solution kindly discovered and shared by Pat Harvey - thanks Pat.

When you select “print” in Adobe Reader 9, a print “dialogue box” opens.

One of the options is “page scaling” – half way down the box on the left.

If this is set to anything other than “none” then Adobe will adjust the size of the diagram to fit neatly on the page. The exact size will depend on the maximum usable area on the page – which will depend on the printer and some of its settings (and these will depend on the printer make and model).

So, select “page scaling” = NONE – and the print size should be OK. The alternative “fit to printable area” appears to be the default.

Debut blog

Well, imagine this, me, a blogger!

If you are in one of my classes, welcome to my blog - hopefully we can use this as a forum to discuss any little problems or niggles arising from class.

Please feel free to post any comments on your quilting life, interesting events, places visited etc........

Visit often, and let's see how it goes.


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