Wednesday 1 May 2019

31st April

My way of sneaking in an April blog post, where did that month go?

After the excitement of March, April has been busy but I have managed some sewing. I seem to have had a chance to make great progress with my Irish Chain quilt which I started many months ago, using up scraps but in a controlled way and using a lot of low volume fabrics. I was inspired by reading Rita's blog post, Red Pepper Quilts and although not a direct copy of hers, I have followed her excellent pressing plan and have achieved rather nice seams on the reverse of my project with every patch and row interlocking beautifully. I have only two blocks left to make and have thoroughly enjoyed the process, the constant repetition allows the mind to wander in an enjoyable way!

Some of the joined blocks.

Being so far on with one long term project has allowed me to start another - ha ha. A whole year ago when we were on holiday in Australia, I collected some templates that my sister had kindly sent for on my behalf from Tales of Cloth. One set was for the well known Mandolin Quilt and I spent quite a while sorting through my stash which is not all that huge and have laid aside my selection. I really do intend this as a long term project and will try to pace myself, especially as the first two blocks have left me with quite painful thumbs. Strangely it doesn''t actually hurt to sew but aches terribly the next day. I have just bought some Sue Daley Size 15 milliners' needles that come recommended for those with carpal tunnel or arthritis so I'll see if they help. I do tend to grip my work quite tightly so will try to relax that a bit. Anyone else have this problem?

It was my birthday in April and a friend gifted me a hand spun skein of yarn - she thought it might be suitable for making into a basket so once that was suggested I was on it! And produced this sweet little basket.

And that was my April.

Linking to Archie and his Furtling adventures.

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