1. Plaiting or braiding - HERE

                                                        2.Swirling Seams - HERE

                                                       3. Quick & easy coasters - HERE

                                                     4. Tiny Tote for a Tiny Tot - HERE

                                                       5. Folded pot holder HERE 

                                                6. Mega Pinnie - This large pinnie has been described as "not so much a pincushion, more a workstation" - the pattern is available for sale in my Etsy shop.

7. How to make templates - HERE

8. My Small World - QAL

 As I started on Section 2 of the QAL I decided to foundation piece one of the sections and looking ahead saw a very similar section in Part 4. So I knocked up a couple of FP patterns on EQ7. The section I refer to is the top half in the above photo.

If any of you wish to download and print these patterns, the links are below. There is only a small difference between the two patterns allowing you to split the background fabrics in the Part 4 version.

As always, when printing a PDF file be sure to tick no scaling and double check the measurements of the pattern. They should each measure 8" x 2" along the solid lines, that is, before adding seam allowances.
Also, remember that the pattern is printed in reverse so take note when choosing your colours.

Part 2 

Part 4


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