Friday 30 September 2011

and the winners are..............

Kritta22 60 said...

I live in new Mexico, USA. It was beautiful today with 85 degrees and no clouds!
26 September 2011 02:39

Lucy 52 said...

I am in Manchester and (surprisingly) it was nice and mild! We even got to play in the garden in the sunshine this afternoon.
25 September 2011 21:47

WandaFish 47 said...

What a lovely giveaway, how kind of you :)
I'm on the Wirral peninsula between Wales and Liverpool. Today has been gloomy but not too cold and no rain so small things to be thankful for!
25 September 2011 20:32

Ok, so I thought I'd cracked the random thingy, it definitely chose the numbers and said the widget would appear as it did when the winning numbers were showing - you will have to trust me.

Thanks to everyone who took the trouble to enter and leave comments - it was fun reading the weather reports.
Welcome all the new followers, hope you keep visiting........gosh, I have nearly cracked the magic 100 (does that mean another!)
....and to those who have told me they have joined and commented - sorry, it hasn't worked and I am not sure where you are going wrong - got my OH to go thro the motions today and it doesn't seem too complicated - email me if you need help.

Thursday 29 September 2011


 (Still time to enter my giveaway HERE)

Perhaps because I showed off yesterday with my new toy, I deserved to trip and bang my head against a roughcast wall at 7.30 this morning?
 You never know, but by yesterday's scale today started off in minus numbers!!

I have jumped in to two swaps this week and made mosaics to inspire my partners to be.
The above mosaic is for the Scrappy Swap being organised by Kat. all the way from Perth, Australia. It should be a nice low key swap.

and this one is for round 2 of the Brit Quilt Swap - this time we are having a Pillow Fight!! Looking forward to this one.You can follow the fun on the flickr group or even join in, I think there is still time to sign up - you just need to be living in the UK to enter.

Wednesday 28 September 2011

Good to Go!

( Still time to enter my giveaway HERE )

So, Wednesday - on a scale of 1 - 10, so far, it's an eleven for me!
First of all, the sun is shining, the air is warm with a light breeze - so washing done quicksmart and hung out - then off to have coffee and a gentle stroll with a friend.
Saw these, and they reminded me of being in the Brownies.

Then back home, expecting a parcel, oh please don't let me have missed the post and find a card - trail into town, have to park etc,, as luck would have it, the fabulous postie had left my parcel, risky, but I am so grateful, inside my porch.

Now, what could come in a box like this?

 No peeking!
 Woo -hoo!

Woo - hoo with bells on!!
So, as I was watching the instructional DVD, I heard the regular postie drop something on the mat..............

.............................this is what I got for my first Goodie Swap package (we get two lots of goodness)
 - this perfect package has come from Svetlana, in Illinois (I think?) and she blogs here..I have to tell you these little goodies are so beautifully made, and she has stalked me well, producing mugrugs (yes, 2) and a bag, in just my favourite colours.
So, no more time to sit and chat, I have me some cutting to do.................I have great plans for my GO!!

Sunday 25 September 2011

One-Way Swap

About 3yrs ago, my son's friend went travelling. He kept in touch with his mates via his blog. I had no idea what a blog, it is 2yrs since I started my own. My intention was that it would be a sort of forum for the ladies in my classes to interconnect with each forward and it is a whole different ball game. Early this year I probably left my first comment.........I followed Pink Penguin (lovely, lovely Ayumi) and Noodlehead and a few others and then, I discovered Lynne & Lily's Quilts and I honestly think that & the launch of Brit Quilters has really made blogging part of my daily life.
Those of us who now keep in touch regularly consider ourselves as friends.....we all share our quilting obsession, of course, so I guess we all speak the same language wherever we are in the world. I have witnessed great acts of kindness over the last few months, shared in the ups and downs of life & I never dreamt I would be the sort of person who would get into this, but I am and I love it.
I have joined in QALs, become obsessed with hexies, and even run my own Mystery QAL (see page above)
I have participated in swaps and this week I won my first giveaway which really made my weekend.
So, for the last few weeks I have been working on a few things that I would like to give away to my blogpals - of course, now I have said that I am beset with doubts, will enough people even read this, will I get into double figures for a draw, would anyone even want any of this stuff........duh, just get on with it Sheila!!
So, in no particular order......................

 A case for your machine needles.
 A mini quilt to hang - about 16" square.
A mug rug

3 separate items to give away - 3 winners, 1st out the draw can have first choice, 2nd next etc.......................

I do find some giveaways a bit of a chore to enter, just can't be bothered bobbing about to gain extra chances so I am hoping to keep this simple. You have 2 chances........

1. Can't help it, shallow I know, but I rather like watching my following increase, so thank you if you already do, I know some do but not "officially" - so to enter , please join me properly as a follower (it's not all that tricky) and comment to tell me....and

2. Tell me where in the World you are and what your weather has been like today - it's raining here, no surprise there then!
I will keep this going until Friday 30th Sep, at 6pm (GMT) by which time I hope to have figured out how to work the random generator thingy.

Remember - you don't need to have a blog but I will need to be able to contact you so please include an email address if I don't already know you.
Good luck!

Friday 23 September 2011

Exotic Fabric on offer over at annabella's blog, Life's Rich Pattern
I have a busy weekend with work and a workshop, but, intend doing a special post on Sunday evening - it will be my 2nd Blogiversary...............

Wednesday 21 September 2011

Feel Like Noah.......

.........cos the rain is torrential outside, it is hamering down on the conservatory roof, it's just past midday and I am having to put a light on - yuk. We are having the lamposts in our street replaced and you have to feel for those guys in their all-weather gear...(shudder.) A day to be in by your sewing machine.

I have been a bit forgetful this week, and had to be reminded to post the Mystery Quilt block! I just could not believe it had been 2 weeks - sorry Irene, doing it now!! Links to new instructions are HERE
We really are almost at the final furlong on the Mystery Quilt, this week it isn't a proper block as such, just a couple of filler panels that will wrap around 2 sides of our biggest block.
This next one is the Garden Patch by Jennfer at Enchanted Bobbin.
and this is Trudi's, from Quilting Prolifically
 and lastly, from Terry in WI,
Oh I know I said lastly, but here is a stunner from Catherine, last week's block.
Great job ladies.Now, lunch!!

Monday 19 September 2011

Colin......... my daughter's cat. He adopted her & her husband, oh, about a year back. He just turned up and ingratiated himself into their life, you know, like cats do.

Meanwhile, not sure how I have come so late to Judith's Bee Blessed but got there in the end and made my first Wonky Stars today. They were fun, quick and stress-free.

Saturday 17 September 2011


I always, always wanted to be a teacher........for one reason or another, it was not to be.
Starting my P & Q classes eight (!!) years ago has satisfied some of that longing in me and I get huge satisfaction out of teaching others to create their quilts.
BUT, just because I teach adults, it doesn't necessarily mean that everyone behaves like adults..........oh no! I have a class with a bunch of naughty girls - fortunately they know they are naughty girls, and turned up for their first class this term like this -

Yes, they had been very creative in the summer break.......
Now you know why my hair is so grey............

Thursday 15 September 2011

Good things come to those who wait........

One or two of you know I have been a bit anxious about an expected delivery of fabric from the US. I usually find it only takes about 5 or 6 days to get here. I have waited 2 weeks now and as I came thro the front door a little while ago I was holding my breath - and there it was on the mat - woo hoo!!
4 lovely yards of 1001 Peeps by Lizzy House. I had bought a fat 1/4 bundle a few weeks back from Sew Fresh Fabrics and had a mix of the purple and dusk colourways. Originally I saw some of it destined to appear in my hexie quilt but then I moved mentally into grandma/baby quilt mode and showed my new fabrics to the mother- to- be. I kinda knew she'd like them as purple is her fave colour and she adored Aladdin as a child.........however she thinkis it might be a bit girly. I surfed a bit more and found yardage on Hawthorne Fabrics and even better, on sale!! I scooped up the last 4 yds of this particular print. My intention is to make one or two baby quilts and Jenny can choose after baby arrives. BUT THAT'S NOT ALL!! - there were TWO packages on the mat and in the other was a surprise gift from an old friend.
This is what friend Carol had written in an email - I have (also at long last) visited The Manor at Hemingford Grey (little village on the other side of St Ives (Cambs) - about 5 miles from here). This made me think of you because of Lucy Boston who is famous for having restored the Manor; for giving gramophone music recitals to the airmen at RAF Wyton during the war; for writing the Green Knowe series of children's classics (no, I'd never heard of them either); for converting the fields around the house into a stunning 4-acre garden, and for her amazing output of patchwork quilts which she continued to make until well into her 90s. This was supposed to be a visit to study the Norman architecture - the house was built in the 1130s and is reckoned to be the oldest continuously inhabited house in England - but I was 'blown away' by the quilts, particularly one made during the war which features duster and tea-towel fabric since these were apparently the only fabrics that were not rationed. Anyway, I thought of you and am sending you a little something for your history of quilting collection. I have only had a quick glance through the book, it can be savoured at a later date, but look at this close up of her Keyboard patchwork, made up of octagons and squares ( 3/4") and stitched with, I quote, 20 stitches to the inch!!
Lucy Boston started this in 1967 when she was 75, doesn't it look contemporary? If you happen to be reading this Carol, thank you again.

Monday 12 September 2011

Busy Bee

I heard someone on the radio this morning saying that the wind energised them. I really don't like strong winds and was lucky to able to stay at home today but I did sort of feel quite energetic (for me!)........I spent the morning behaving like a proper housewife and even turned out two cupboards - phew. When I finally went to my sewing room I was able to work in a guilt free fashion - about 4pm, my sewing machine flickered and died and I momentarily panicked, until I realised it was a power cut, and nothing personal. Luckily it only lasted about 10 minutes and even more lucky, my breadmaker resumed its cycle and managed to produce a lovely loaf - what clever machine.
My last post was written in the wee sma' hours of Saturday night, trying to keep awake for the tennis (nuff said)...........
 .......and as well as posting nice pics of colour palettes, I also joined Pinterest - at first I didn't really know what it was all about and really didn't want another site that could keep me stuck to my laptop - but, I think it is a great idea as a sort of multi purpose memory...........pressie ideas, holiday, and of course quilts and other crafty stuff.
So, following on from my colour palette play, I had a little "sort" thro my scraps yesterday.........
and came up with these.........
Then I felt like I wanted to make something quick - so made another mugrug - this time a wee pressie for my sis-in-law, this is made from leftover scraps from a quilt I made for her a few years back, the gift that keeps on giving........

Today I worked on another project that has been fun but more of that later.

Before I go - I must mention a super giveaway over at Happy Quilting 
A jelly roll and yardage of Hometown by Sweetwater, I know a few of you like this range almost as much as I do.

Sunday 11 September 2011

Settling my nerves

Have sat through the Federer v Djokovic semi (US Open) which was nail-biting, but in a fun way. Now sitting up very late to cheer on Andy Murray v with my pal, the laptop, have strayed via Lily's Quilts to Photo Card Boutique and from there ended up looking at Angie's Pinboard and her selection of inspirational colour palettes.

Now I don't think it's committing to anything just choosing a couple of favourites, is it?
 Go have a look, they are all so yummy.
PS. tennis looking grim........................

Wednesday 7 September 2011

One or two different things.........

Lynne over at Lily's Quilts is planning a new Quilt a long - Dead Simple Quilt -
not sure of the nitty gritty but it would seem to be more about the colours than the block design. I haven't jumped in yet but am sorely tempted as I think there is so much to learn about colour and sometimes in the process we learn new things about ourselves.
 I was thinking about it the other day there and came across this tool in my drawer, that I bought some time ago for a course I was on - some of you might find it useful for the QAL.
I have been working away on my Mug Rugs and Goodies for the swap being hosted by Cindy at Fluffy Sheep Quilting

I have made my two mug rugs - first ever and a lot of fun plus a few goodies.......

My picture quality is duff today - these are on a white background!!
Do you remember the Pay it Forward initiative that was flying about a few months back? I first spotted it on Janice Elaine Sews and signed up. You had to make three little goodies and post them off to the first three folks who signed up with you - I did that some weeks ago, altho you had 365 days to complete the assignment (I'd be scared I forgot!) Well, yesterday, my little gift hit the doormat - and here it is -
Jan has made me a scarf - it's hard to tell from the pic, but the fabric is so fine, like a Tana lawn and has been beautifully crafted, thanks Jan.
My last snippet is sort of back at the start, with the influential Lynne!
 I think I mentioned already that this year in class, my non- beginners were given carte blanche to choose their own project - this was very hard for me as an Arien control freak but I am delighted with the variety of projects that are being tackled.
Now I do go on in class about blogging and some of my ladies tune in here now and again - so one of them has found her inspiration on Lily's Quilts, and who could blame her!!

Lastly, lastly, just in case you thought I was wearying of hexies (never, she roared)........I sewed up some of my UFO hexies and got them on to a background........

Sunday 4 September 2011

Mystery Mariner

Hard to believe it is four weeks since I posted the last instalment of the Mystery Quilt - we really are on the home straits now and links to this week's instructions can be found HERE
You will also find  the links to all the instructions so never too late to make a start.

Saturday 3 September 2011

River Fabrics

If you pop over to Rags to Bags, my blog pal Judith is hosting rather a nice giveaway....

Thursday 1 September 2011


For me, August was all about hexagons - I have been quilting for about 13yrs now and have loudly proclaimed that life was too short for piecing over papers. I did have to do a small sample for my C & G, back in 2004 but vowed - never again.

Huh! never say never.......I had not accounted for the influence of Lynne and Gayle who started a Hexalong a few weeks ago - you would also have to be on another planet not to notice the hexie craze that abounds thro blogland.
Well, I am hooked, totally........I love that we opted for biggish hexies, I love that there are SO many variations within the hexie shape - OMG, I even watched a tv programme called The Code, presented by a math prof, all about hexagons! (I used to draw flowers instead of equations in my maths jotters, scraped my O level)
So here are my hexies to date, I think pretty much all created in August - I even rigged up a "design wall" to help me with my plan.
and some close ups.........

In August, I also had to post off my first Doll Quilt Swap offering - my brief was to make a doll quilt for my partner's 7yr old son who loves playing with his toy snakes........
Although I am still working on a couple of other projects I have one finished quilt - this was my "Sheila Goes Modern", my version of a wonky 9 patch from a free pattern on Oh Fransson.

In August, my classes started back and are now underway. I have one class of lovely, eager beginners all cutting tentatively into their fabric. I have four other classes and all the students have chosen their own quilt project. Many of the ladies who attend my classes have been with me for several years, others not so long. I am a self confessed control freak and usually have everyone singing to my quilty tune (all carefully planned)........this year however, their challenge is to challenge themselves and I have a huge variety of designs being started. Open Night next year is going to be a blockbuster!!
Lastly, August is the month that I was able to tell the world that our daughter is expecting her first baby, our first grandchild - so, more quilty plans and guilt free fabric has already started!
As always, linking to Lynne's Fresh Sewing Day.


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