Friday 1 November 2019


I have discovered, as far as sewing projects go, that I like a deadline. I say, for sewing projects, as it clearly doesn't apply to my blogging.

I was sorry to miss a post last month, I knew the end of the month was creeping up on me and I was full of good intentions..................

Another lesson I have learned of late, I don't seem to multi task so easily as I get older - has this happened to you too?
i just seem to get a bit exciteable and flustered if I have too many balls in the air - Old Lady Syndrome out to get me!!

Anyway, back to sewing. I know one or two of you were interested in my Patchwork Puppy, started months ago and tinkered with right up to this week when I was able to call it a finish! I have made it for my Grand daughter Macie who will be one on Monday, such a quick year.

I've been quite busy on some Christmas gifts too recently but none absolutely finished, hopefully I'll be ready to share next month.

I borrowed a Krista Moser ruler from a generous friend and played about with diamonds, think this ruler can go on the Christmas wishlist. This is a wee table topper I made from scraps -

And I seemed to get into quite the Halloween frame of mind - a quickly made (and finished) table runner.

And these little tykes are really what keeps me quite busy!

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Archie The Wonder Dog


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