Friday 20 February 2015

Katy's Camera Challenge

Back in the New Year, Katy announced a Camera Challenge to help hapless souls like me to make more of our cameras.
Last year, I moved on from a point and shoot camera to what I believe is a bridge camera, I think somewhere between a point and shoot and a proper DSLR model.
Mine is a Sony Nex C3 and my main reason for buying it was a desire to take better quilt pics. Jury is still out on that one although I think I have some pretty good people snaps.
I think my undoing was that the purchase coincided with a phone upgrade and the phone cameras are so quick to use, always in your pocket or bag...........

But, I want to learn and Katy is taking tremendous trouble to put together challenges and give hints on good practice so I am determined to try and be a model pupil.

I am a little late with my first assignment though - my blog reading has suffered this month as life around here has become just a tad more hectic of late. But yesterday I managed a couple of quick shots. Our challenge was to take some photos using our automatic mode and then try again using the more specific pre set options, landscape, portrait etc. I haven't so far tried the sports mode which is for moving objects or people. So here are my results.

Landscape taken using "Intelligent auto" (not necessarily matching my abilities)
Please ignore signpost - I really was pressed for time, could have cropped it out but trying to be honest here.

And here it is again, using pre set landscape mode.........

What do you think? I am not seeing much difference.

Moving on swiftly to portrait, maybe I should have been going for more of a close up but here is Intelligent auto............

and portrait mode...............

Obviously "my subject" moved position but I think number two is ever so slightly clearer.
These were taken in late afternoon sunshine shortly before a stonking hail shower.
Location - the Millennium Footbridge over the mouth of the River Doon, in Ayr.
Hopefully I will try and do the Sports Mode too, maybe over the weekend. In the meantime, to avoid detention, I am going to link this quickly to Katy's Camera Challenge 2015.


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