Monday 29 November 2010

the power of patchwork............

Well I got the weather forecast right, it was bright and sunny all day well as being white and freeeezing!
I spent quite some time on Saturday night checking the weather forecast for Dunoon, Girvan & Dalry as I was expecting ladies from these areas at Sunday's workshop. I began to suspect that I might only have one or two who would manage to make it, BUT, silly me - quilters will tramp thro any conditions to get to a workshop and my only absence was poor Trish who was unwell - hope you are feeling a good bit better today.

The ABC workshops give everyone a chance to make a quilt of big proportions and in this second workshop the fruits of much labour was evident. Lots of cutting and piecing had been achieved and some were even ready to layer up. All have chosen to stick with the Contrary Wife block and already it is amazing to see how different they all look.

The last of the ABC series will be on 6th February where I imagine much pinning and tacking will be taking place..........

Meanwhile, in the other classes, the Cabin in the Woods projects are coming along nicely - I have added all my latest pix to my flickr files - check them out by clicking on the right, but to whet your appetite, here are a couple of projects that have been achieved so far.........

Caryl's applique scene is just delightful, she has always enjoyed applique and put huge amounts of detail into this project. Some of the tree branches were embroidered, the wee birds are all cut from felt and have bead eyes. There is a touch of reverse applique in the church, it's a super piece of work and she is going to have it put behind glass (hope that pussy cat doesn't suffocate.....) For a better view, click on the image.

This Baby Baltimore cushion is Jackie's - she chose to applique onto a linen background and after bonding the stems and buds, has raw edge stitched all around the shapes. She has yet to attach her 3 dimensional flowers which she has crafted, following instructions from a book on the subject. Just to sicken you completely, she has inserted a zip on the back and mitred the corners of the's beautiful.

Am now off to scrape the ice off the car, weekly trip to Morrisons and then a wee bonus journey to Jenny's in Coylton. When we moved into this house in June we opted to locate the washing machine in the garage - this has been a good idea until today when I suspect the pipes must be frozen and no water getting in to machine - duh!!

Tuesday 23 November 2010

More Show'n'Tell

Ray has sent me the following pix of some completed projects. This first one was made from a Jelly Roll and is a pattern, I think, called Hidden Stars. I have yet to try anything with a Jelly Roll, has anyone else had a go?

The next one is her completed Day Trip Around the World which is super, good colours.

The next pix are all projects which Ray has made using her embroidery machine. She has been attending classes in the shop which are friendly and informal and Ray is now finding it fun to combine her new talents with her quilting skills.

She's been busy hasn't she?

Sunday 21 November 2010

Weather Forecast

It would seem we are facing a cold spell - however, I thought I'd give you all a little advance weather forecast - next Sunday 28th , I have a Workshop and we all know what that means........I suspect it will be very cold, but bright and sunny..............'s the 2nd of the ABC workshops and I am looking forward to seeing the progress that the ladies are making with their Contrary Wife quilts. These workshops are aimed at those who wish to make a BIG quilt and have the chance to devote some real time to achieving it. As always I will be encouraging them to quilt in segments and join later.....saves those aching shoulders.

Meanwhile all the other classes have just 2 weeks to go before our Christmas break. Why are we always surprised at how quickly Christmas creeps up on us, does it every year.

Have a great week folks.

Wednesday 17 November 2010

Building Site

Lack of blogging due to increase in building activity! Yes, another wall has come tumbling down - oh, the dust, the debris, the rubble..........
Still a fair way to go but light at end of tunnel. Hopefully another few days should see my sewing space decorated  - exciting stuff.

Meanwhile - all you ladies in my classes are brilliant - my appeal for funds for the community centre has raised £106.20 so far - will hand it over tomorrow and I just know they will be chuffed to bits. Thank you all.

Sunday 7 November 2010

and another.........

Following on from last Sundays workshop - Hilary has sent me a pic of her completed bag which she completed at home in time to give to her daughter - bet she was thrilled with it.

Meanwhile, yesterday I enjoyed a girls' (I use the term loosely) day out to Kirkcudbright to visit the Effie Galletly exhibition that I mentioned in a recent blog.
The weather was extremely kind to us and we enjoyed the stunning autumn colours of the countrysideon the way.
The exhibition was well worth the trip - it was great to see the work so close up and glimpse a sample of the techniques too. If you were unable to visit the exhibition you can find out about Effie's work here -

Wednesday 3 November 2010

A Plea

As you know, Prestwick Community Centre is run by volunteers. South Ayrshire Council still has a duty to maintain the outside of the building but most of the internal maintenance is achieved by the Centre Council. One or two fundraisers are held annually and the day is dawning when SAC is likely to play little or no part in its upkeep.

Last night I attended the monthly committee meeting and the Christmas Fayre was discussed. This has been held for many years and although it raises very little, it is, I believe, important to the local community, especially the children who attend.

There has been a very low uptake in stalls this year and I am one of the "groups" who has chosen not to run a stall - most of the groups who have a table are doing so to raise funds for their own groups but obviously my classes are more of a wee business and this would not be appropriate, although I would be happy to consider a table sale in the future for the benefit of the Community Centre.

Also, if we were to hold some sort of table sale, selling quilted goods, we should probably have started making things last January!!

So, on the way home last night I was trying to figure out some way of helping to boost funds apart from my wee donation to the tombola!

Obviously, if you attend the Fayre - it is on Saturday 20th November from 2pm - 4pm - you will be supporting the Centre by paying admission..............

.................if you are unable to attend perhaps you would consider giving a donation of £1 or £2? I have a lot of ladies attending classes and this could make a substantial difference to the Fayre income.

I know this is the time of year when our purses need to be made of elastic but sometimes the causes closest to us need supprting, and I hope you will help.

I will collect any contributions at your next class.

Many thanks

Monday 1 November 2010

Another Fine Day!

Think I might have missed my calling, should have joined the Met, another fine day, another Sunday workshop. Almost feel guilty keeping all these ladies tied to their sewing machines when they could have been enjoying the Autumnal sunshine........................however, their industry paid off and those who didn't quite finish on the day were well on their way. The workshop was an updated return to an early Tote Bag workshop, and I really wanted to focus on the bag construction, reasonably straightforward and very adaptable. The decorative addition was the insertion of one or two panels which could be anything from a much loved piece of fabric to an orphan block. Have a look at some of these pics and for more, click on my flickr button on the right.............


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