Swaps & Bees

My first swap - Brit Swap - June 2011

I made this -
Brit swap - Done! (1)

and received this, from Alison, Little Island Quilting

Brit Quilt Swap

In August 2011 I managed to get a place in the Doll QuiltSwap 11, and made this mini for my partner's little son.


                                 and I received this from Shirley, (Freidasew)

In Sept 2011 I took part in a Goodie / Mugrug Swap and made for two partners.

                          My mugrugs

My goodies and I received, this pile of goodness, from Svetlana.

and these goodies, from Annabella, Life's Rich Pattern

In my first Scrappy Swap (Oct 2011), I made this for Suz at PatchworknPlay

Scrappy Bag

and received this, from Fay, in NZ at Monkey Makes Three

In November 2011, I took part in Pillow Fight, the 2nd Brit Quilt Swap, and I made this for Karen, at BlueberryPark

and received this beauty, from Reene, at Nellies Niceties.

Jan 2012 - Mouthy Stitches 1 - the zippy pouch
I made this for Laney

Mouthy Pouch done (1)

and received this from Sarah, ArbonneGirl
(I use this ALL the time)

Mouthy Stitches, received. (4)

In September 2012 I took part in Brit Swap 3
I made this, for Ethne, Flaming Stitches

and received this amazing beauty, from Trudi, Quilting Prolifically

In October 2012, Mouthy Stitches 2 - the tote bag

I made this for Sarah, ArbonneGirl (!!)

Not quite finished

and received this lovely tote, from, Kathy, Time Capsule
Tote - received (1)

In November 2012 I took part in the Scrappy Swap again, and made this book cover for
Tanya, Second Chance Tan

and I received these, from Anneliese , Mail from the Cheeky Monkeys

Towards the end of 2012, I got together with Nicky & Helen to set up a scrappy bee, called Bee A Brit Stingy. To get to know each other we had a Pincushion Swap.

I made this one for Nicky.
and got this one from Collette
and then for Christmas we swapped little fabric hampers.
I made this one, for Di
and I got this one from Catherine, 


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