Thursday 29 April 2010

Idle Hands

Not a bit of it.................further to the last post, did any of you check out the Pink Penguin blog?
I was inspired to dig out some leftovers from Jenny's wedding quilt and make this.....

Allan thought I had completely flipped, but I enjoyed creating something out of nothing - of course I had to make changes, adapt it to the size of a UK box of Kleenex, add a bit of wadding and quilt it...........and then of course add some words using my embroidery machine

Sunday 25 April 2010


My moving flickr widget didn't work too well, it didn't allow viewing of all my pix, but I think I have cracked it now.

For those of you who are sticking with my blog, you might like a look at another that I came across yesterday - I thought it was charming and it made me want to go directly to my scraps and start cutting. I liked the idea of the tissue box cover and reckon these simple projects really would use up the wee bits and pieces - click here to view.

Saturday 24 April 2010

Too Clever

Am chuffed to report I have added a flickr "widget" - see left.........for those of you who have not felt happy following my previous links to flickr, all you need to do is click on the moving image to the left and it will take you straight to my photostream where you can view all the pix from the Open Night. I have also added a few other photos, click on my photostream and view as a slideshow.
Let me know what you think.

Meanwhile, have managed to sell some of the leftovers from our Bring and Buy, on eBay, raising a further £10. Friend Jan runs the London Marathon tomorrow so spare a thought for her as you enjoy a late brekkie................

Monday 19 April 2010

No Fly Zone

Can't ignore the current travel restrictions caused by the volcanic the days pass we all seem to know of someone stranded somewhere. The effects of the standstill are spreading and no doubt before long our food will be dearer!

Spare a thought for Janet Kleboe from class who is stuck in the Canaries (boo hoo).........I wonder how many others we know?

Here is a pic of a volcanic ash sunset.

Saturday 17 April 2010

A Fine Day Out

Just back from a wee trip to Ballantrae to see the quilt show - what a delightful display there was to celebrate their 25 years. There were big quilts, little ones, bags, cushions, wallhangings etc and a great variety of styles & stitching to see.
I could almost date some of the work by recognising the fabric - e.g. I spotted the same fabric that Margaret Bell had used in her Contrary Wife quilt several years ago, it had wee fans all over it and she hand quilted bigger fans in her border.

The Ballantrae quilts were exhibited in the local church which had a balcony from where many of the quilts hung - this is similar to the many exhibitions that you can visit at the Loch Lomond quilt show and allows a super view of the quilts.

I think many of the quilts looked like they have been well loved, surely that is what we all want for our quilts?

Many thanks to Margaret Sanderson for putting on such a lovely show, to the ladies who provided a welcome tea, and to Janet, for driving Miss Daisy!!

I used to be a rent collector in Ballantrae (and other villages) but hadn't been there in at least 10 years - driving down the coast really made me appreciate how lucky we are living in such a lovely area.

Saturday 10 April 2010

Home is where the Heart is...........

Today's title is inspired by a website that I have just been checking out - I have known about this little business for some time, visiting their stand at the Festival of Quilts a few years ago - you will be surprised to learn that they are based in Belmont, Ayr. I thought you might like to see all the interesting accessories that might be very useful for embellishment. Click here to visit the site.

Friday 9 April 2010


I hope any of you will have looked at the photos on flickr - I know some of you are a bit nervous about registering on sites but I believe flickr is quite reputable. The group I set up means my photos can only be shared with those who are invited so if you haven't had a look I do recommend them. I think it'll be a great way of sharing lots of photos and saves space on the blog.

Today's photo comes courtesy of Margaret Sandford - she was unable to attend the Trip Around the World workshop but has had a go on her own - I love the shadowy effect created by the placement of the greens.

Tuesday 6 April 2010

The Power of Pink

Well, what a great Open Evening we had last Thursday - thanks to everyone who came along to see the results of everyone's hard work this year.
To think I was a wee bit worried a couple of days before that I might not have enough quilts to hang - oh she of little faith!!

This year things were a bit different - Marie came along as a visitor for a change, she enjoyed seeing much of her fabric translated into lots of lovely quilts and I am sure you all understand that she deserves a break from heaving bales of fabric about.

I decided to try out the Bring and Buy idea, borne from my ruthless clear-out of my own sewing room. I never dreamt it would result in raising as much as £350.10, I am just so thrilled with that result and thank all of you who contributed "stuff" as well as those who bought, and bought.........

I managed to spend some time over the Easter weekend sorting through the photos and have decided to try and share the with you through flickr

Click on the flickr link - you may have to register with my flickr group - I have established it as a public group for invited friends only so not too public! If you have a problem linking to the site, try the flickr button on the left of this page under "favourite sites" or if all else fails,

Lastly - we all know Carol O'Donoghue's favourite colour - well, I am delighted to report that her quilt was the favourite of those who visited on Thursday night - her Pic'n'Mix quilt was a delight in pink and white and was a personal Life Journal that I have no doubt will be a treasured family heirloom. Well done Carol.

At the other end of the colour spectrum was Madeline Stevenson's delightful black and white version of Pic'n'Mix.

I would like to say a big thank you to those of you who have continued to support my classes again this year and welcome those who have signed up to join me in August. I really never anticipated that we would become such a close knit community and take great pleasure from the fact that our quilting obsession is shared and passed on.

I will keep in touch throughout the summer thro the blog, keep checking back.


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