Tuesday, 6 April 2010

The Power of Pink

Well, what a great Open Evening we had last Thursday - thanks to everyone who came along to see the results of everyone's hard work this year.
To think I was a wee bit worried a couple of days before that I might not have enough quilts to hang - oh she of little faith!!

This year things were a bit different - Marie came along as a visitor for a change, she enjoyed seeing much of her fabric translated into lots of lovely quilts and I am sure you all understand that she deserves a break from heaving bales of fabric about.

I decided to try out the Bring and Buy idea, borne from my ruthless clear-out of my own sewing room. I never dreamt it would result in raising as much as £350.10, I am just so thrilled with that result and thank all of you who contributed "stuff" as well as those who bought, and bought.........

I managed to spend some time over the Easter weekend sorting through the photos and have decided to try and share the with you through flickr

Click on the flickr link - you may have to register with my flickr group - I have established it as a public group for invited friends only so not too public! If you have a problem linking to the site, try the flickr button on the left of this page under "favourite sites" or if all else fails, http://www.flickr.com/groups/bluepatchquilts/

Lastly - we all know Carol O'Donoghue's favourite colour - well, I am delighted to report that her quilt was the favourite of those who visited on Thursday night - her Pic'n'Mix quilt was a delight in pink and white and was a personal Life Journal that I have no doubt will be a treasured family heirloom. Well done Carol.

At the other end of the colour spectrum was Madeline Stevenson's delightful black and white version of Pic'n'Mix.

I would like to say a big thank you to those of you who have continued to support my classes again this year and welcome those who have signed up to join me in August. I really never anticipated that we would become such a close knit community and take great pleasure from the fact that our quilting obsession is shared and passed on.

I will keep in touch throughout the summer thro the blog, keep checking back.

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  1. A great exhibition from all of your classes.I did like the fact that quilts in many stages of being finished were on show. well done.



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