Thursday 16 September 2010


What a week!

Have had a stinking cold since last weekend, passed it on to nearest & dearest, our walls have started tumbling down in the house (by a builder!), the cat has been diagnosed with Chronic Renal Failure and then today, whilst minding my own business at class - somebody reversed right into my parked car.........

things.........can only get better!


  1. Crikey that's worrying about the cat, hope it can be cured, and awful about the car. Hope you're feeling better in spite of it all.
    ps. I also want to steal the bento bag, must attempt one.

  2. Good for you, it's a nice wee project.

    Sadly no going back for Cleo, she is 15 and this kidney problem is incredibly common.We are just experiencing the dilemma of knowing when she has had enough!

  3. Poor you Sheila you are having an awful time of it! Really sad about poor pussy cat :(



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