Monday, 29 November 2010

the power of patchwork............

Well I got the weather forecast right, it was bright and sunny all day well as being white and freeeezing!
I spent quite some time on Saturday night checking the weather forecast for Dunoon, Girvan & Dalry as I was expecting ladies from these areas at Sunday's workshop. I began to suspect that I might only have one or two who would manage to make it, BUT, silly me - quilters will tramp thro any conditions to get to a workshop and my only absence was poor Trish who was unwell - hope you are feeling a good bit better today.

The ABC workshops give everyone a chance to make a quilt of big proportions and in this second workshop the fruits of much labour was evident. Lots of cutting and piecing had been achieved and some were even ready to layer up. All have chosen to stick with the Contrary Wife block and already it is amazing to see how different they all look.

The last of the ABC series will be on 6th February where I imagine much pinning and tacking will be taking place..........

Meanwhile, in the other classes, the Cabin in the Woods projects are coming along nicely - I have added all my latest pix to my flickr files - check them out by clicking on the right, but to whet your appetite, here are a couple of projects that have been achieved so far.........

Caryl's applique scene is just delightful, she has always enjoyed applique and put huge amounts of detail into this project. Some of the tree branches were embroidered, the wee birds are all cut from felt and have bead eyes. There is a touch of reverse applique in the church, it's a super piece of work and she is going to have it put behind glass (hope that pussy cat doesn't suffocate.....) For a better view, click on the image.

This Baby Baltimore cushion is Jackie's - she chose to applique onto a linen background and after bonding the stems and buds, has raw edge stitched all around the shapes. She has yet to attach her 3 dimensional flowers which she has crafted, following instructions from a book on the subject. Just to sicken you completely, she has inserted a zip on the back and mitred the corners of the's beautiful.

Am now off to scrape the ice off the car, weekly trip to Morrisons and then a wee bonus journey to Jenny's in Coylton. When we moved into this house in June we opted to locate the washing machine in the garage - this has been a good idea until today when I suspect the pipes must be frozen and no water getting in to machine - duh!!


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