Friday 27 May 2011

Quillow Workshop

Yesterday saw another of my Thursday workshops - this time it was Quillows and 12 ladies worked really hard in rather cramped conditions to produce their quillows. It's always a bit magical when a quillow suddenly comes together and usually everyone goes off determined to make more. All were so different yesterday, ladies, you did a brilliant job.
I was also really pleased that Isobel brought along her finished Accidental Landscape from a recent workshop - this was inspired by Isobel's local views, how good is this?

Last week, at the Tote Bag workshop, Frances also brought along a finished project from a previous workshop, this time her quilted book cover, all beautifully embellished. Isn't it great to complete UFOs?

Next Thursday, it's Zippy Pouches, watch this space..............


  1. Love the pics, and love the word 'quillow' - sounds like something you would recline on whilst zipped into your 'Slanket' (blanket with sleeves'!!!).

  2. Oh isn't finishing day wonderful! These makes are fab! Well done ladies! Jxo



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