Friday, 29 June 2012

Hello Lily

Lily is my precious Husqvarna sewing machine, she came with that name and I think it suits her fine. She is an old lady of 10 now and yesterday we were re-acquainted after my holiday.
I got going on the Zakka project - week 13!
It's been a super series and a great chance to really get to know a book and do stuff from it.
This week's task is a couple of potholders designed bt Retro Mama and if you haven't started yours yet, it's worth popping over to Kim's blog where she has outlined some corrections and amendments to the binding.
I love that I have been quilting for ages but keep on learning by following others' techniques and by studying Kim's binding method I was chuffed to produce a seamless, circular binding for these potholders.
I was merrily sewing away when I recalled this project was meant to be monochromatic - oops, too late. I get a bit excitable when about to start something new and I was trawling through my stash and found the novelty, kitchenish Debbie Mumm. As it has been in my stash for at least 10yrs, I like to call it vintage DM, I might start a craze, what do you think?

Other modifications? I bound in cotton, not linen. I layered one linen, two 80/20, and one calico.
These babies are destined for Oz for my big sis - hope you like them!!


  1. They look fab! The Zakka projects are such fun!

  2. Love them, and your circular binding is very impressive

  3. Good to see you back at the pedal! Perfect circles too! Jxo

  4. So glad you and Lily got reacquainted again, sure your sister will love them

  5. Nice to have you back after your hols. Your sister is gonna love these beauties.

  6. Is that a chicken or a rooster-it sure is cute! These are a lovely present.

  7. Vintage DM haha! Got some of that too! Maybe someday we should compare stashes Sheila....

    Well done on your potholders - is it nice to be back home!?



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