Monday 22 October 2012

The Interlude

Hands up if you can remember the Interlude - back when TV was in its infancy, as was I..(cough) - the BBC would show short film clips in between programmes - The Interlude.
So, there has been quite an interlude on my blog this month - maybe I should have had a punchy video at the ready?
My lack of posting got to be a bit of a habit, it's not that my laptop was closed for business - I have indeed been keeping up with life on Flickr.
Our fledgling Bee, Brit Bee Stingy has just completed our first little challenge, to make each other a pincushion. I was making for Nicky, Mrs Sew and Sow, and had fun making her one of my mega block pinnies.
Then today, I posted off my tote bag that I made for the Mouthy Stitches 2 swap - can't reveal my partner yet, hope she likes it.
As well as the tote, we were to include a key fob, and I made a couple to start with, I have hardware for several more in the pipeline.
I love entering swaps - it is often quite a challenge coming up with something that will suit your partner, perhaps trying a technique you are not used to doing. Keeping up with the commenting however can become a little time consuming, but it is an important part of it all. I know this as I had a totally silent partner in my first ever swap and it wan't much fun at all!
I also signed up for the ModPop sew a long with Leanne - I am not performing well at all, there always seems to be something else I have to do in the sewing room, but I will get to it, I promise.
As one, two, swaps finished I found myself jumping in to Scrappy Swap 2 - well I was in the first one so it was hard to say no. This one is run by Kat who lives in Perth, Australia - sign ups were to be last Friday, around 11am our time here in the UK, and numbers limited to 40. At  11am I was babysitting a rather fractious baby........I didn't remember the swap until a couple of hours later as I was en route for Glasgow - so my rather abrupt sign up was done for me by my daughter on her IPhone as we motored along, me dictating things like - "modern & bright".."not dull"........etc.

Looking back through my October folder (yes, sad, I know) I won a giveaway on Katy's blog, just before she rushed off to Seattle. It was generously given by Backstitch, so go on and have a look if you fancy a similar, yummy bundle.
Lovely, aren't they? This win inspired me to have a really good sort out of my fabric, oh that did make me feel better.
Now I am back in the saddle, I have a few more things to show you, but I think that is enough for one post.
I have been a bit behind with my blog reading and commenting, my apologies, I am not ignoring anyone, someone seems to have pinched a couple of hours from each day!


  1. Yay for swaps I say, and looking forward to letting Kat take the strain.
    Will you do a tute for your super mega-pinny, please ???

  2. LOL! I know what you mean. I still think it's September!! Your pinnie is stunning - love the chunky shape. Good to have you back. Jxo

  3. I am in the scrappy swap too and I love your bag and the pinnie is wonderful. I look forward to you having time to mod pop, we are moving slowly as promised so you are not really behind yet. It is nice to hear you are having fun and doing well.

  4. Nice big pincushion!! I'm in the Scrappy Swap too - can't wait to dig through my scraps and pull for my secret partner!! Have Mod Pop on my 2013 list 'to make'... along with several other quilts too!!

  5. Love that pinnie. And it sounds like you are enjoying life which is more important than blogging.

  6. You need to make a pattern for the huge pinnie and sell it in your Etsy shop - it's fabulous! Gorgeous new fabric, have fun with it!!

  7. I love that humongos pinnie! I have signed up for the scrap swap too: I am sure it will com in handy for Bee a brit stingy!

  8. Welcome bqck Sheila and yes for a tute for the pinnie please!

  9. I may the only one who doesn't need the tute yet! As I have the gloriou pinnie! Yipee! Sadly all the sweeties have disappeared....licking her lips...wonder where they have gone???

    I remember the test card!



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