Sunday 20 January 2013

The One Where Sheila Pulls the Finger Out

So far, January has been productive.
All my classes now have their first post Christmas session under their belts and their projects are all coming along brilliantly.
I have also held two workshops this month, the second one was today and it was part 3 of the Strippy Adventure.
We didn't manage full attendance today, life's like that sometimes, but those who made it absolutely blew me away with their progress. Some of these ladies have never made a quilt before and just took a massive leap of faith to try out this QAYG Strippy. Let me show you some of their work.

This one is June's - her first quilt, beautiful greens.

Next up is Marjorie's - the first is the back view........

 and then the front...lots of applique on this one.

The next one is by Sheila M - Sheila missed the first workshop in August because she was having her shoulder replaced - ouch! But she has still achieved this super Strippy.

This next one is by Maureen - hard to see the fabric, but it is French General by Moda, yum.
 the back
the front

 Next we have Susan, layering up her Strippy, this one is very Frence Provencal.
 and last up today, is Colena's - it is mahusive, a Super King and a wonderful achievement for another novice quilter.
the back

and front.
Well done ladies, you all did great.

While these hard working ladies all beavered away, I snatched some time to get on with my Mod Pop piecing, I had a couple of cutting sessions earlier in the week and with only two blocks done, my plan is to get all the Drunkard's Path piecing finished before assembling more blocks. Despite Leanne's great advice, I have continued to piece my curves with the help of one pin - until today, when I threw caution to the wind and went for it - chain pieced and everything!!
Feeling chuffed.


  1. Wow, they have done well with their quilts!

  2. You have excellent students, I am sure having such a great teacher helps. And yahoo! You did the curves, you did them fast and they are looking great.

  3. Great curves Sheila, and wonderful quilt tops by your students, makes me wish I lived nearby!

  4. Your students have done well. They obviously have a great tutor. Chain stitching curves is plain showing off.!!!! Di x

  5. You've been working hard! Never underestimate a keen beginner! Jxo

  6. You have excellent strippers... WTG embracing the curves too :o)

  7. Wow.. take a bow Mrs Instructor! All quilts straight and even and flat.. no mean feat. . . and no wobbly drunks on your path, either!
    Its always lovely to see other quilters' fabric choices.. thanks for sharing.

  8. It must be thanks to a fabulous teacher, your students have produced some great quilt tops.

  9. Look at all those curves! You're leaving me behind

  10. You really have taught them well and look at Marjorie with her leopard fabric. RAHHHH!

  11. Well done ladies! And well done Mrs Bluepatch for being such a brilliant teacher...and for sewing all those DP blocks!



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