Sunday, 17 February 2013

Scrap Happy Weeks

Over the last two weeks all my classes have joined in and played the Scrap Happy Game - I read about it first on Di's blog but spared my ladies the postage stamp scale and opted for 2.5" cut squares.
I asked everyone to bring 36, 2.5" squares to class, made up of 9 different fabrics.
They laid them out in two identical piles of 18 and I scooped up one pile from each person and popped them into a carrier bag. Everyone then popped their remaining 18 squares into a little baggie.
The big bag was passed around twice and at each pass the ladies made a "blind" selection of 9 squares. The only reason one could be rejected was if it was their own.
When everyone was back to having 36 squares, all in their individual wee bags, they then selected one at a time and laid out a 6 x 6 grid. Another rule - you could only put one back into the bag if it was the same as the one just used. This is where the fun started - there were cries of "yuk", "oh no" and I am sad to say, not a little cheating went on. The words, ruler and knuckles flew from my mouth but I was reminded that we are not allowed to use corporal punishment in class these day -wink!
By Thursday, six classes had completed this wee challenge and I had to come home and lie in a darkened room.
Here are some of the blocks made...........
and here is a block made into a cushion already, by Pat,
and I joined in too at the first session and have made mine into a cushion too. In fact many of us thought that they look quite "vintage" and we might just display a table full of them at this year's Open Day.
I had 1/2m of a shot cotton in my stash that filled the bill perfectly for borders, and, enough for the back too
Joking apart, thanks ladies for joining in - I know this exercise  game surprised many of you. Some were happy to make something without making decisions, some felt uncomfortable with the randomness, and others couldn't wait to get home and look at their scraps in a new way.

 This week I managed to do a couple of blocks for Judith's Bee Blessed - these were fiddly little blighters but don't they look good together. Every month Judith posts a request for a different block. She and some friendly quilting fairies then get together and make quilts that will hopefully bring a little love into lives of others. It doesn't take long to make two blocks, why don't you have a look at her blog and think about making some too.

On Friday, I came home to an email fro the lovely Susan, telling me that I had been drawn first in her give-away , what a great way to end a week. And here is what I have won. Thanks Susan, for your generosity.
Pics from


  1. I think corporal punishment is only banned for kids, with adults it's fair game ;o) Glad you all had fun (mostly) anyway!

  2. Lol at Katy. Remind me to never go to one of her classes.
    I would have been cheating and probably ended up huddled in a corner as I find random scrappy messes with my brain. It does sound like an interesting idea though.

  3. Looks like a great time, and with well deserved winnings at the end; perfect!

  4. I saw that you had won at Susans, well done. Sounds like you all had good fun swapping fabrics

  5. Your classes sound like such fun! The blocks are much nicer than I would have expected. I find truly random is hard, I tend to give myself the 10 second rule (or 5 minutes for arranging blocks) and that makes it feel much less out of control.

  6. Congrats on your winnings! I have that game earmarked to inflict on one of my classes too! Just waiting for the right opportunity! Jxo

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  8. Do your students enjoy the torture!? I love scraps because they are so forgiving and random usually works!

  9. Congrats on your win. . . isnt Susan a fun girl.
    You too had your Fun Cape on . . . your poor students! Still, with your lovely cushion as inspiration I am sure you are forgiven.
    Love the colour choices in your Bee Blessed blocks.

  10. Ah scrap vomit games - perhaps you need to add in some shots next time. No wonder you had to lie down in a darkened room :-)

  11. Sounds like fun! A bit of a nightmare, but fun all the same! Love your bee blocks!

  12. I am surprised you weren't lynched along the way Sheila! The cushions look great though, so maybe they saved you.

    Congrats on your win too.



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