Wednesday, 1 May 2013

A Look Back at April

Usually I just post a picture mosaic as a memory of a month's makes but when I checked my April folder I realise I have made stuff and forgotten to post, I have been distracted this month, must be my age - ha!
In August I will be teaching at the Stitch Gathering in Edinburgh, I am so excited to be doing this and looking forward so much to meeting some bloggers that I only know online.
If you have been dithering over whether or not to go, dither no more, I think there might be very, very few tickets left.
So my class will be Crazy Patchwork, a really traditional technique, but I hope to give it a modern twist. My only samples were quite trad, full of lace and mother of pearl buttons, nice, but didn't really fit the bill.
I quite like to stick to one colour family when I crazy piece, maybe I like it to look crazy but not demented? Anyway I started to make little blocks, all by hand and then a plan came together that meant I just had to buy the Ikea Duktig bed..........
I really had fun putting these wee blocks together and hopefully my finished quilt will inspire my class in August.

And hopefully in the not too distant future a certain wee someone will be happy to put her dollies to bed using this quilt. I have a great notion to make a pile of little quilts and turn the bed into my her very own Princess & the Pea.

Early makes in April were Bee blocks, these ones for Judith's Bee Blessed,

and for Di, in the Bee a Brit Stingy, these Sprout blocks.

I made a couple of little things,
my Biscornus pinnie

and my squinty triple zippie pouch.

I received this fab quilt,

My hexie quilt went on show in an exhibition,

and I rounded off April by making a birthday gift of an embroidery pouch - the dimensions and interior followed the instructions in Ayumi's brilliant Patchwork Please.......

I honestly didn't chicken out making a pieced front, it's just that I really wanted to showcase my chosen fabric for my mushroom loving friend!!

A good month April - linking to Lynne's Fresh Sewing Day.


  1. Oh I just love the mushroom fabric!

  2. What a fantastic collection! I really like the embroidery pouch too! Lucky recipient of that little gem.

  3. Not a bad wee month then :o)

  4. A good month indeed! I LOVE that crazy doll quilt! Jxo

  5. Such gorgeous projects! Congratulations on all of your finishes and fabulous plans for the Princess and the Pea.
    ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com

  6. I love your crazy quilting doll quilt and your embroidery pouch :-)

  7. Great makes! The princess and the Pea must be in the air- I'm making this ( including the bed) at a workshop in June. Love your crazy patchwork, what size are the blocks?

  8. I love the embroidery pouch, especially with those fabrics. I bet your friend will love it. Juliex

  9. Really lovely projects!

  10. Some great makes and I LOVE the embroidery pouch - great choice of fabrics!

  11. How fun to see a triple-zip pouch AND such a delightful Patchwork, Please! project!

  12. Brilliant!!

    Love your embroidery pouch! You've inspired me to pull mu finger out! xxx

  13. Love the tiny bed quilts and the embroidery pouch. That is one of the projects I am hoping to make for myself now that I have the book.

  14. Lots of eye candies in this single post!! The teeny tiny crazy quilt with a modern twist is so cute!! I didn't realize how small it is until I saw the picture with books behind it!
    And your travel embroidery pouch turned out amazing in every way!!! Your friend will love it for sure!!

  15. Cute wee bed - love your idea!

  16. So many lovely things to look at! I love how you snuck in the 'hexies in an exhibition' news - was that at your Open Day or elsewhere? The dolly quilt is wonderful and I can't wait to see what is made during/after your class at the retreat. Oh, and I think your embroidery pouch is superb!

  17. I think I saved the directions for that pincushion a few years ago. Still haven't made it. I love the geometry of it. Good job!



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