Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The Force Was With Me

I was due to set off for the Festival of Quilts last Thursday afternoon. To while away some time in the morning I read a few blogs and when I read Kristy's, knew I had to make use of her wonderful Star Wars pattern. My young nephew starts school on Friday so I pondered awhile, or for 5 minutes, and got started.
I like foundation piecing, am comfortable with it but hesitated momentarily after printing off the pattern.......could I be bothered with all those wee pieces...........well I did and they were small but that's all, no more difficult, just little. We have the perfect word up here - footery.
I got a few bits done before having to fly..................literally, to Birmingham.

It must be three or four years since me and the Sewing Bee girls visited the Festival of Quilts. I think it has become even bigger, now taking up 3 halls of the NEC.

Most of the first day was spent trailing around the huge amount of traders. Mindful of my recent US haul I tried to be sensible - some of my purchases were made with plans in mind, some inspired by the Festival itself.
On the first day I went to a lecture by Maggie Grey called Cupboard Love. I sort of expected a talk on how to use up our stashes but it was so much more, covering lots of textile art topics. I came away from that thinking about all the bits and bobs in my UFO drawer, all the experimental textile stuff I have tried and also thinking of all the travel pics I took last year "for inspiration" but in reality just got filed. So that led me (& Janet) to buy a Thermofax kit to try our hands at screen printing, something I have always wanted to try.

One thing that was really different for me this time was the chance to meet fellow bloggers, girls that I have only known online until now.
On Friday I met up with Di Trudi 

I also met Catrin, Siobhan & Emily. Funnily enough there was a whole coachload of ladies who travelled from my local area - I only encountered two of them but came across my fellow bloggers several times. It was just great meeting you all.
Quilts - there were of course, quilts a plenty, think I'll keep these for another post. We were well quilted out by Sunday night when we got back, and after a day of babysitting yesterday I was happy to sew today -
I got stuck in to my Stormtrooper, so to speak.............
I am hoping it might do as a gym bag but if not maybe he can keep some Lego in it.

Lastly, I finished off the name tag for The Stitch Gathering, now less than two weeks away. 
August is living up to its expectations of being a really busy month for me.....I hope the Force stays with me!


  1. Just goes to show those bloggers get everywhere ;o)

  2. Sounds like fun! Totally love your stormtrooper.....

  3. So lovely to see Trudi and Di again! Your badge is inspired - I love it!

  4. So pleased to have bumped into you and wish I'd had more time, as it was we hardly saw any of the quilts? I feel naughty about missing them!

  5. Sounds like you had a fabulous time

  6. That's a great gym bag, he will be the envy of all his new classmates :)

    Sounds like a good trip too.

  7. All that quilty-show adrenaline has you on a creative "roll"...keep it up! Cant wait to see your Thermofax creations ....and the name badge looks very special. Lucky recipient.

  8. Lovely pic of you 3! Glad you had a good time! Jxo

  9. Love the stormtrooper bag - if he is anything like my boys he will love it!

  10. It sounds like the best time! I look forward to seeing how you do with the screen printing, one day I would like to try it maybe.

  11. You are a busy lady! Very intricate makes. And I like your method of attack on the Quilt Festival - hit the traders hall first! Just what I would have done too. Congratulations on being frugal, I am sure it was hard to do.

  12. Sounds like you had a great time.
    The paper piecing looks very intricate, but fabulous.
    It's nice to meet fellow bloggers in person. Now we've both met Shevvy, she's absolutely gorgeous.

  13. The FoQ was large and a little overwhelming but it was so good to meet up with you and Janet (and meet Delia). Di x

  14. Sounds like you had a great time at FoQ, and great for you to meet more bloggy friends. Having met a number of them myself I can say they are the nicest of people. Bet the Stormtrooper PE bag goes down a treat.

  15. Great badge and great bag (I'm sure he'll love it! and I'm sure your badge will be well received too). Sounds like you had a great trip. Juliex

  16. It was lovely meeting you too ;-) I hope that your friend is better now.

    Love the storm trooper bag!

  17. Sounds like a fab time at FoQ - so nice to meet up with bloggy buddies too!

    I love how your trooper bag turned out - it looks just great!

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