Sunday, 1 December 2013

Cyber Fun

Think it's about time I posted what I have been up to and the first of a new month is a good time to do it. Last night I took part in an online Baby Shower for Sarah - this was masterminded by Rhonda. I have yet to try Skpe and left office work before the days of teleconferencing so I was amused and in awe of the whole concept of being online with blog friends and acquaintances from all over the World. Sadly there was only space for 6 webcams and although I managed to get my ugly mug up there, I learned later that no one could hear me! Even though I had a wee icon saying people could, ah well, next time. So, for weeks we have had a secret Flickr group making pressies for Sarah and her "bean". I decided to make Noodlehead's divided basket - I at first thought it would be good for nappy (diaper) storage but chose to make it in some linen I had in my stash when I saw the words printed on it - not very babyish, but might be useful later on for Sarah. Poor Sarah was unable to get her broadband working last night but managed to join the party by phone so we could hear her opening her gifts.

I had quite a busy November both with class stuff, Bee stuff and some personal sewing.
I made blocks for Charlotte in the Stingy Bees.

I made blocks for Bee Blessed -

Then there was my Secret Santa envelope for my Stingy Brit partner - can't show you the insides yet as I am not sure if it has arrived yet.............

I continued making blocks for the Mystery Quilt I am following through Spotlight, Australia.

I finished up some class samples.............this is one of my Mega Pinnies, this one is destined as a prize in Leanne's Finish A Long this quarter.

I got a label on to my flannel Christmas quilt -

And, I finished up my own Bee project - I was Queen Bee in the Stingy Brits in July - I asked the lovely ladies to make me Woven Ribbon blocks in colours to go with my Mod Pop quilt - aquas, oranges with LV background. The blocks were destined to be made into a runner for my duble width chest of drawers. But guess what - I got enough blocks to make another runner for the single chest & then, with the Siggy blocks and one last block, I made a large mat for my bedside table - so thank you ladies, This was the first Bee I have taken part in. What really struck me was how all the blocks played so well together, because this after all is a scrap Bee with blocks made from all the Bee's stashes. And I like that being part of such a Bee allows us to make friends online, and even get to know them in real life!

Lovely, innit?


  1. Lots to comment on but I have to say that I love the Stingy Bee makes. This is such a fab bee to be in and I love the scrappiness of it all. Di x

  2. I love the dresses ensemble that you made from your bee blocks and thank you again for the lovely FAL prize. I had fun at the shower too, it went very well considering that everyone was new to the conference system and Sarah's internet did not work.

  3. It was so lovely to finally meet you last night even if it was still virtually! Loved that divided basket so much I bought the pattern today! I see a few of these in my future.

    You've had a super productive month but I especially love what you did with your stingy bee blocks. Perfect!

  4. Another quiet month then... ;o) Love the alternative use for the bee bocks rather than a quilt

  5. I thought last night was a lot of fun: crazy to think we were all over the world!
    Love all your makes Sheila

  6. You have been a busy Bee, sounds like you had a lot of fun too!

  7. Good lord, you've been busy! I love the basket you made for Sarah. The fabric choices are perfect. And the giant pinnie, well at least I will have some finishes this time round and a chance to win. Woohoo!

  8. That pinny is too pretty for stabbing!
    If Hawlies Label is that divine... then the actual quilt must be adorable. Lucky gal!

  9. My you have been a busy bee! Sorry I couldn't join in on Saturday. I admire you embracing this technological age (I'm not quite there yet!). Jxo

  10. Your basket was one of my favourites. LOVE those bee blocks!

  11. What a great amount of accomplishments you have. Great job!

  12. Thank you so much, the basket is gorgeous and will come in soooo handy! x

  13. Your projects look fantastic!



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