Monday 13 January 2014

Normal Service........... resumed.
A little later than most, but I think I can say we are pretty much back to normal now - thank you all who sent good wishes and kind words, very much appreciated.

Having missed a normal Christmas, my OH had last week off to convalesce and on Monday we visited Kelvingrove Museum in Glasgow to take in the Jack Vettriano exhibition. We thoroughly enjoyed it and if you are within travelling distance then I heartily recommend a visit.

Due to an unexpected "plug" on Facebook by The Intrepid Thread, my Mega Pinnie got a flurry of interest. I hope everyone who was interested managed to download the instructions - it's available here.

Becky emailed me to ask for the pattern but unfortunately is a no-reply blogger and I was unable to contact her - hope you are reading this, Becky..............

My beginners' class resumed last week and resembled a quilting "bee" as they learned how to layer up, pin & baste. I always split the class into teams for this part with each group working on one quilt at a time. Reduces the tedium I think

On Thursday it was the first of my Overnighter Bag classes, a mad frenzy of cutting! For me it was really exciting to see the variety of fabric chosen for the project.

And I ventured into my sewing room - I started my 2014 sewing with two Stingy blocks for Lucy.
She has requested butterfly blocks to make a big girl quilt for her wee daughter Joan. I have made one of each that she suggested. The curvy one was a challenge and if I had more patience I might have had a stab at hand piecing it.

The second was easier to piece and is a little smaller in scale. Both butterflies have yet to have their antennae added.

I also managed to complete all the blocks I want to do for the Mystery Quilt I have been following here. The quilt a long finished at Christmas and I fell behind just a little. When I knew it was to be a medallion quilt I decided to cut short and miss the final round, due mainly to fabric restrictions. I have been making the Mystery Quilt from my stash and was beginning to struggle so decided to cut my losses. My quilt will finish at about 60" square. I might add a plain border, jury is out at the moment.

I hope to get these blocks put together tomorrow.
Finally, I made a start today on the project that I will offer in class in August! My deadline to finish is the end of March so that my current students can be seduced by its beauty and swarm to re-enrol!!
Those potential students may be amused to hear that the very first block I made today had to be re-cut and re-made due to can I put it..........stupidity!!


  1. Yay, you're back. I like that mystery quilt, you've done those circles expertly, I always struggle with them and the butterfly blocks are super.


  2. Glad things have settled down again for you, and WTG mega pinnie!

  3. Glad I'm not the only one who does that! Hope you are settling back into routine & deadlines (groan!). Jxo

  4. Glad to hear that life is returning to normal again. Love the butterfly blocks.

  5. "Cerebral Slippage"
    I've heard a holiday in the sun does wonders.

    Your Mystery Quilt is WAYYYY better than than the "real" ones. Love it from stash. Hate the matchy-matchy ones.

  6. Good to hear that your hubby is recovering well. I like that bag project. I wish I could be teleported to be at one of your classes. Di x

  7. Pleased to hear hubby is recovering and you are back to normal. I really like what you have done with the Mystery Quilt.

  8. Hi
    I just stumbled across your blog and absolutely love what you do! Those butterfly blocks - beautiful. I also love you use of colour. I have been saying this week that I need to be bolder in my pattern and colour choices so your blog has really inspired me.
    Well, sending a wave from a fellow quilting enthusiast and newbie follower of your blog.

  9. I hope things are settling down for you now.

  10. I love your mystery quilt so far - hope it goes together smoothly!! Love the butterfly blocks!

  11. I am glad you had a bit of fun at the museum and your butterfly blocks are lovely. Also, the large circle quilt is wonderful. Have fun with the students, I guess we are all back to the usual routine now.

  12. Love the/my pinnie ;)
    Glad things are getting back to normal - the stitchery looks lovely xxx

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  14. Just seen Hadkey's - that's awesome !! I know what my next project is!!!

  15. Well done Sheila and congrats on your fb flurry!

    Think you were not succumbing to stupidity but testing out the mistakes your students might fall into so you can tell them not to!

  16. I saw Hadley's and then Benta's and had to make one. Fantastic!



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