Sunday, 30 March 2014

Under the Wire

Slipping another post into March before it's too late.

March has been another busy month as all my classes have come to the end of their sessions. It's also the month when I reveal my plan for next session and hope that it appeals enough to encourage my students back to me in the Autumn. (I know it's not the coffee!!)
So this is what I have been beavering away on since the New Year - my Modern Sampler.

I love the way the sun is shining through it in this shot - the reflection of the "whirly gig" clothes line makes me smile.
When I plan a new project I have quite a few different considerations to make - all my classes are a mix of experience so I need something to suit all. I like to include different techniques. I like to teach QAYG so plan my quilt in sections if possible. I like to offer a bit of flexibility and scope for personalisation. I think I have covered all the bases with this sampler. Some blocks are easy but with tweaking can be more challenging. Some are constructed in different ways. They are all a standard 12" so easy for students to substitute their favourites as alternatives. I am also hoping to encourage this quilt as a stashbuster with the main outlay being the background fabric and I am hoping some of my ladies might be brave enough to go for a dark, or even a patterned background - watch this space.
Modern Sampler has been received very well resulting in extremely brisk booking for next session. I have only 3 spaces left over 4 classes. And I promised better coffee!!


  1. It looks great, and congrats on all the bookings!

  2. This is sure to be a hit with your ladies S! Gorgeous sampler! Jxo

  3. I love it. Im stil new in Patchwork, so I read all I find on my way in blogville, and have you as a fast writher in my blog-roll.

    Send you all the best


  4. yeah you go girl and take those Ayrshire lasses with you!



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