Friday, 11 April 2014

Finish Along - Quarter 2

I was somewhat distracted at the beginning of the year so missed out joining in with Finish Along First Quarter.
Standing in the midst of the chaos that is currently my sewing room - I am amassing all the exhibits for my Open Day ni 2 weeks - I turned 360 degrees on the spot and clocked 5 wee projects that I reckoned I could pledge finishes for. Apart from number 1, they are all about The Princess!!

1. I hope Katy accepts this snippet as proof of a project - it is to be my entry for the Chinese Whispers exhibition in this year's Loch Lomond Quilt Show - I am not allowed to let anyone see it yet, just as well as I have yet to absolutely finish it.

The Ayrshire branch of the Quilters' Guild are entering two groups of quilts into CW - the idea is that the first person in the group gets a photo and has to make a small quilt, inspired by the photo - she sends her quilt to number two on the list who is inspired by it and makes a small quilt, etc, etc. I was number two in my group. My friend was number 3 so she didn't mind that my quilt wasn't bound or had a hanging sleeve. I made it in November 2012 and knew I had ages to complete it, I now have 2 weeks.

2. I was Queen Bee in the Bee a Brit Stingy Bee last month & I asked for two different blocks to help me make two different quilts for my Princess & the Pea project, the one where I am making 20 quilts for an Ikea dollies bed. My first block was a mini Grannie.

3. And the other was Bright Hopes..........

4. Is another "Princess" quilt that I made ages ago from the scraps of my Mod Pop quilt - it just need a binding, how hard is that on something that measures about 15" x 12??

5. My friend Janet loves a bit of improv and likes to use up the smallest of scraps - she offered me this next little piece recently for the Princess bed - I have trimmed and layered it up, so it just needs a bit of quilting and a binding.

I think all very achievable so I am linking up with Katy for Q2.


  1. We know that you can pull these off Sheila! Looking forward to seeing the Chinese Whispers quilt.

  2. There's going to be one happy princess!

    And I remember when you started teh CW and thinking the deadline was soooooooooooo far in the future!

    Good luck xxx

  3. Lovely list, you'll totally get them done :-)

  4. Most achievable list Sheila!

  5. You've nearly finished already Sheila. I love that doll's quilt with the coloured corners. Good luck with the mystery; I'm looking forward to seeing it when it's finished.

  6. Yes get them all done seeing the value of mini quilts as I have a few real big ones to quilt sometime this year

  7. You can definitely manage some finishes this quarter! Can't wait to see the CW quilt. And can't quite believe how quickly the end has come round!

  8. Oh those wee quilts are delightful! Lucky Dollies, I say.
    And do I spy a Batik??? Normally I'd shudder, but ...Sshhh!...this pink magic is... well... just magic!



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