Wednesday 28 May 2014

Spring Fever

I haven't achieved much in the way of sewing this week due to a strange malaise that has come over all started on holiday earlier in the month.
I took my trusty Kindle with me but just wasn't in the mood for reading........books. In the back of my mind I was pondering the mess that is my sewing room. This is a room that has to double as a guest bedroom and I just can't keep kidding myself that my look is eclectic.
I am never happy with the way I sort & store my fabric, it's not a huge stash but still needs's sorted by colour at the moment but then what about the scraps, and when is a scrap a scrap, and what about a line of fabric, do you split it into colours or keep together.......such dilemmas.
So I started to surf the net for some ideas, I strayed from quilting blogs to a new world and friends, I now have a new addiction!

Home organisation blogs - who knew there were such things!!

Like this one - Sew Many Ways - probably the one that started me off. I have some bookmarked on my Kindle for bedtime reading and drop off to sleep dreaming of tidy shelves, amongst other far I have re-organised two of my OH's t-shirt drawers, very well received they were too (but then he is a wee bit OCD.
I have gone through 10years of class paper work & purged like never blue bin (recycling) is full with a week to go before collection.

I did manage a little sewing during this frenetic activity, a cushion for the son of a friend for his very first home of his own.
My design was inspired by a quilt in this book, a recent purchase that I have absolutely devoured!

My friend told me her son's colours were taupe & grey. The background fabric is Road 15 by Sweetwater.
The other fabric is a textured linen/cotton (I think) - I got it from Kaleidoscope fabrics and I know it's part of a range they have had a while, and think they were described as Japanese taupes, totally yummy.

I love the way the cushion pad made the Churn Dash look rounded.

I did simple straight line quilting using an Aurifil shade I can't recall, well it was last week!

I now always quilt the back of my cushions, makes them so luxurious. And the cushion was very well received so a good result all round.

Meanwhile, for those of you who may be worrying about my state of mind, fret not - I expect to be fully cured in the fullness of time.


  1. Great cushion! I think sometimes when I lose my mojo it's because I really need to get organised in the home. My home is the only part of my life where I'm not organised and it all comes down to too much stuff and too little storage. Whenever I do have a sort out I always get mega creative afterwards!

  2. Love the cushion! And off to look at the link but if you cause me tidying angst I will be holding you to blame. ;-)

  3. The aqua middle is gorgeous! Lovely pillow

  4. Oh there's nothing like a good clear out and de-clutter to cure the soul! beautiful man cushion too! Jxo

  5. I love that rounded Churn Dash . . what a clever idea and the fabrics are beaut for a bloke.

  6. The cushion is lovely, the little bit of blue really zings! I, too and also so much less stressed after a good sort out, and it is the time of year for it :)

  7. Love the understated cushion Sheila - It's a beauty.

  8. What a perfect cushion - I have none of these specific fabrics, but I'm going to try my own version of your design, if you don't mind! Love it!!!

  9. Phew, just catching up with everything, great makes this month, and love the Chinese Whispers quilt, even if you did go over to the dark side ;o)

  10. I love a good sort out and tidy up, can I come and help?!! Love the cushion!



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