Tuesday, 23 September 2014

A Few Finishes

As another Finish Along quarter end approaches, I anticipate total failure - however I have been tidying up some other unfinished stuff.

Oh, and a tiny, new quick make - a gift, or what they call up here, "a minding". A key fob, using a little Liberty from my SG goodie bag.

Then I pulled the finger out and finished off the second sample I made for my recent workshop, this one is for me as the background fabric, a linen/cotton mix was a gift from a friend and I have waited for just the right project.

and lastly, for now, I finished off the sample I semi prepped for the Stitch Gathering.

This one will be gifted but I might just have another and I might just have a significant Blog Birthday coming up - stay tuned...................


  1. Great samples! I admit my fal will be a failure too :(

  2. This summer was too nice weather to have completed FAL lists. I love that special background fabric on your cushion. It's very pretty.

  3. I have managed to squeeze one finish in, but that will be it! Love the cushion

  4. Och, sure, at least a fortnight to go ;o)

  5. I love that new cushion! I've done quite well with my list so far but my ability to blog about it has been abysmal...must crack on and write some posts!!

  6. Oooh Lovely photos! can almost tough all your crafty goodies. esp love the cushion.
    Yes, we need to keep our own "gifts" sometimes . . . dont we!



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