Thursday 1 January 2015

Happy New Year

subtitled - always look on the bright side of life.

Goodbye to 2014 and welcome 2015. As we hurtle through the 2000s it always amazes me how quickly time seems to have passed since we were all worrying about the Millennium Bug and nearer to home, we were preparing for a Millennium party.

Usually we look back at this time of year but I'll keep my sewing memories short and stick to December only - I kept my sewing to a minimum to avoid that horrible stressful feeling that seems the opposite of the pleasure we should get from making gifts.

I made three things.

The Death Star cushion, for my 7 yr old nephew - very well received, phew! Pattern was courtesy of  Melinda at Quirkygranola girl

My second gift was a Kilner Jar pincushion - very quick to make and open to many possibilities.

My third, and final gift was a Bionic Gear Bag. I have watched many bloggers produce beautiful Sew Together pouches and discovered quite an online controversy over the origins and originality of both of these bags. Being slightly perverse and really not interested in joining the debate, I chose to buy the Bionic Gear bag pattern, all 33 pages of took me two full days to make and I found it quite the challenge, mainly because I don't really enjoy struggling with thick seams  However, I was chuffed with the result, wouldn't say no to making another and the recipient liked it!

But, no more looking back, let's see what the future holds.

My classes start back next week for a term of joining blocks and Quilting As We Go.
I have two Sunday workshops before the end of my quilting year in March - both involve help from my Accuquilt Go, Gordon.

On the personal sewing front, I am pretty excited about Bee a Brit Stingy 2015. Sadly we are reduced to six members and we have chosen to do a Row by Row Round Robin quilt. I have a Pinterest board with some inspiration and I think I have reached a decision which is good as I have January & February to complete Row 1.
I hope to get back in the Bee Blessed saddle and contribute blocks each month to this worthy cause.

In less than a week, my daughter & family move in with us whilst they are "between houses". Their new one will not be ready until May and the old one was sold much quicker than anyone anticipated.

Our house is not huge so I am nobly sacrificing my sewing room, aka the spare bedroom - the upside of this is that I spent today re-locating to the conservatory and having a bit of a clear out at the same time.
We may not have many rooms but we are blessed with loads of big cupboards, some of which are being re-organised. Upside - a nice pile of stuff for the next charity bag and finding a haul of bubble wrap in the loft which had been put away in case it came in useful, and guess what? It has.

So for the next few months I will accentuate the positives and look on the bright side. Another upside - we shall have a cat in the house again after a couple of years without. And if no one else is quite ready, Colin certainly seems to be.


  1. Happy New Year to you Sheila. Lovely makes for the holidays and I sure agree with not overcommitting on the deadline sewing. Your cat is lovely and I hope you enjoy the time with your daughter and family.

  2. Visiting from Fresh Sewing Day! Love the gear bag. Had no idea about the debate. Yours looks great! Have a Happy New Year!

  3. Good luck with the invasion! Happy new year :o)

  4. I read about the two bags and could not deside till today if and which I want to make. The pillow is great! Hope you can enjoy the time house sharing :)

  5. Crikey! What an interesting first half of the year you will have! Breath deep and enjoy the positives! Jxo

  6. Great makes Sheila! Our son and his wife moved in with us for six months last year and it is safe to say we were all rather nervous about it, but we thoroughly enjoyed having their company and even he admitted that it had been nowhere near the ordeal that he expected it would be :) I am sure that you and your daughter will find it a positive experience too.

  7. Love the gear bag. Why is it different to the sew together or should I not ask? Having the family stay will be a great excuse to declutter. Sorry to hear Bee a Brit Stingy is down to half it's members. Happy New Year!

  8. Beautiful makes Sheila! And on the upside, you have plenty of time to just enjoy the family and teaching equally with a conservatory as sanctuary :). Happy New Year to you and yours xx

  9. Gorgeous presents and good luck with the invasion - I'm sure you'll love it, once you've got the morning bathroom timetable sorted out!!

  10. Oh good luck with the family moving in! Sounds like you have the right attitude to it (stoicism!), and the cat is so cute. Am I the only person who HASN'T made a sew together bag???!! Is there a law I didn't know about??!! :)



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