Friday 20 February 2015

Katy's Camera Challenge

Back in the New Year, Katy announced a Camera Challenge to help hapless souls like me to make more of our cameras.
Last year, I moved on from a point and shoot camera to what I believe is a bridge camera, I think somewhere between a point and shoot and a proper DSLR model.
Mine is a Sony Nex C3 and my main reason for buying it was a desire to take better quilt pics. Jury is still out on that one although I think I have some pretty good people snaps.
I think my undoing was that the purchase coincided with a phone upgrade and the phone cameras are so quick to use, always in your pocket or bag...........

But, I want to learn and Katy is taking tremendous trouble to put together challenges and give hints on good practice so I am determined to try and be a model pupil.

I am a little late with my first assignment though - my blog reading has suffered this month as life around here has become just a tad more hectic of late. But yesterday I managed a couple of quick shots. Our challenge was to take some photos using our automatic mode and then try again using the more specific pre set options, landscape, portrait etc. I haven't so far tried the sports mode which is for moving objects or people. So here are my results.

Landscape taken using "Intelligent auto" (not necessarily matching my abilities)
Please ignore signpost - I really was pressed for time, could have cropped it out but trying to be honest here.

And here it is again, using pre set landscape mode.........

What do you think? I am not seeing much difference.

Moving on swiftly to portrait, maybe I should have been going for more of a close up but here is Intelligent auto............

and portrait mode...............

Obviously "my subject" moved position but I think number two is ever so slightly clearer.
These were taken in late afternoon sunshine shortly before a stonking hail shower.
Location - the Millennium Footbridge over the mouth of the River Doon, in Ayr.
Hopefully I will try and do the Sports Mode too, maybe over the weekend. In the meantime, to avoid detention, I am going to link this quickly to Katy's Camera Challenge 2015.


  1. Great smile! Looks like your model was having fun too!

  2. On my screen the colours are slightly different between the 2 landscape shots, but otherwise I'm not hugely surprised there's no great difference.

    Your grinning model is definitely clearer in the second one, which I would expect, as the portrait mode is designed to focus on the subject more than the background, full auto is trying to make everything clear, right to the back of the bridge railings.

    I think you need to take said model to play on the swings for your last assignment ;o)

  3. I can't tell the difference either but they are all fabulous! Jxo

  4. Had to get out the magnifying glass... but not to see how cute that cute little cherubic gal is. . . . . she's adorable. :)

  5. Oh, she's so very, very cute!!!

    P.S. I can see a slight difference in the blue sky on the landscape photos but only because I'm really looking!

  6. I envy you your landscape, it looks fabulous there. Your little model looks fun, but I bet she was cold! Both photos seem lighter in the pre-set mode; in the first portrait photo the dark shadows on the bridge compete with your model for the viewer's attention, in the second she's at the centre..

  7. Great challenge, well met Sheila! Your model is a natural :)



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