Thursday, 2 April 2015

Open Day 2015

So despite rain, hailstones and computer problems, the Open Day happened, it was a great day and for those of you unable to come along or those blog followers who live far away, here is my annual slideshow. Fortunately, I managed to photograph many of the quilts prior to Sunday which was just as well as despite making sure that my camera battery was well charged, my memory card filled up rather quickly!!

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In excess of 100 lovely people braved the foul weather to come and see this year's quilts. 30 of our "Modern Samplers" were on display - I really think my students have excelled themselves this year, the standard of work was just so high.
The Viewers' Choice this year was a lovely quilt made by Ann MacNeill - what viewers didn't realise was that Ann has actually made two identical quilts for a pair of single beds. You will have seen one the slideshow, Ann quilted her quilt using a twin needle and I suspect this tipped everyone's vote - it looked stunning. This year I asked my ladies to give me a maker's statement and this added an extra point of interest. Here is what Ann said on hers -

This quilt was inspired by the material which a friend of mine presented me with on her return from a holiday in the USA.
This made me think of American blocks such as Bears Paw, Underground Railroad and Crossroads. I thought the material and these blocks would go well together. With a few other blocks here is the result.

So, interestingly, the most popular quilt leaned towards the traditional and another that wasn't too far behind was the Underground Railroad sampler, by Amanda, a beauty, made with Downton Abbey fabrics.

The main feature of my course was for the blocks to be floated on a bigger than usual expanse of background fabric which I think leads to a more contemporary look, and of course all but two students used quilt as you go to assemble three or four quilted panels into one quilt. The two student rebels chose to hand quilt
As usual, we had our Bring and Buy Stall selling donated books, quilting magazines and this year, several large donations of fabric - sales from all of this plus teas & coffees gave us a grand total of £630 which today, I have handed over to Ayrshire Carers.

All that's left for me to say is a huge THANK YOU to all my students for continuing to support my classes, and to my lovely volunteers who helped organise and make Sunday such a successful day.


  1. Wow! The quilts are fabulous S! Well done on another brilliant open day! I'm trying to encourage my ladies to make the sashing of their sampler quilts the same as their background fabric! I'll will be referring them to your quilt show for inspiration! Jxo

  2. Another year of fantastic quilts produced by your quilter Shiela. A lot of hard work must go into doing the open day as well so thanks for sharing :)

  3. Bother. Blocked Plug-in here.
    Guess that means all those quilts are X-Rated!
    Hope you are rested after the hard work . . . and congrats on such a great result for the charity.
    You are amazing Sheila.

  4. What a wonderful show. I wish i was near enough to join your class

  5. It's amazing how the same pattern looks so different on each quilt. Thanks for all the photos

  6. It's amazing how the same pattern looks so different on each quilt. Thanks for all the photos


  7. Such a lovely group of quilts! Your students get better every year, must be the excellent teacher!

  8. Fabulous quilts. I love how they all look so different dependent on fabric choices and quilting decisions. Some of them have really got the floating effect brilliantly. Lots of hard work here - well done to you and your ladies.

  9. Great group of quilts Sheila, a wonderful advert for your classes and the hard work of your students.

  10. They're all lovely and it's amazing how different they look with the different fabrics! Bravo, ladies!

    P.S. I love George!

  11. Your students must have a fabulous teacher! They all look great and I agree with the other comments, it's amazing the difference it makes with the choice of fabric.



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