Sunday 17 May 2015

And the winners are - UPDATE

UPDATE - Poor Nessa is unable to go to the Festival this year after all so has asked me to re-draw. I suggest she buys a lottery ticket this week because her number came up on the re-draw!
If at on my next attemt, the new winner is -

Oh yes please, I've missed it for a while so it would be lovely to go, such great inspiration!

Three lucky readers have each won a pair of tickets, for this year's Festival of Quilts.

1. Catrin Lewis16 May 2015 at 13:59
I've been for the last two years and been very lucky both times when it comes to tickets ;0) here's hoping I'm lucky again this year!

2. salamanda14 May 2015 at 12:27
Yes please, I've never been and it sound like fun

3. Nessa14 May 2015 at 14:25
l would love to go one day. Your "old lady" trip sounds perfect, and hopefully stress free! Should be a great time!

Well done ladies, I have emailed you individually.
And thanks to all who tried - I hope you still go to the Festival.


  1. Oh wow! What are the chances of that happening!!!!!
    Thank you so much!
    But now for the part where I am going to be irritating and annoying.... After I had commented on your post I checked the dates and of course that is the one weekend in August where we already have commitments. I had meant to email you to say don't include me in your draw, but I just completely forgot. And now I've gone and won something that I would love to attend, but can't. So sorry Sheila, I do hope you can do a re-draw?
    And thank you so much. I wish it were different.

  2. Oh Poor Nessa!
    "Redraw . . . Redraw"

  3. I am sorry Nessa, but I am happy for me! Thank you Sheila x



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