Saturday 12 September 2015

Back to School

So my regular classes started back this week. I have four classes this year, all following the same programme.
For the first six sessions - they run fortnightly - we will be having a sew-a-long, making a different small project each class.
Once all four classes are up and running I can share with you all, what the projects will be - because yes, my wonderful students are extremely loyal and trusting - they have all signed up without really knowing what we will be doing this term, they just know it's not going to be a big quilt this year.

I started off the month with a flurry of sewing activity - played the class swot card and got my Sept/Oct Bee a Brit Stingy Row done in jig time, for Nicky. My row is the centre one (at the moment) and I think Nicky's quilt is coming together so well. Remember, each row has been made by a different person!
Then last Friday I attended a workshop in Glasgow with the wonderful Gloria Loughman from Australia. I have long admired her beautiful work. So the workshop was called Colour Fusion and I thoroughly enjoyed my day. The venue, Heart of Scotstoun Community Centre was brilliant too. The workshop was arranged by the Quilters' Guild in conjunction with their Regional Day weekend - so well done to them.
I enjoyed using different techniques to achieve my abstract colour fusion and have made further progress on it this week. And yes - I bought and used - batiks!!
Just a bit more to applique and then layering up..........

I found time yesterday to get back to My Small World - much of the last sections involve hand sewn elements so that has slowed down my progress - however, having stitched all those curved sections in my Colour Fusion using invisible machine applique, I decided to use the same technique for a few pieces in MSW.
To give you an idea of size the background squares are finishing at 1".

and finally, as one new term begins I have decided to make some room and offer last year's class sample, for sale.

My Modern Sampler measures 54" x 73" is constructed using 100% cotton with Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 batting. I am asking £95 plus shipping. Email me or leave me a comment if you are interested.


  1. I can't wait to see what your classes are making this time round!

  2. That's an interesting idea Sheila, getting students to sign up for just 'time with you' basically! I am thinking of something similar for next year 'sewing with Jo' evening sessions, as I don't have time to design yet another sampler of medallion type big quilt either! Will look out for more info soon with interest... And that quilt is a total bargain!!

  3. Yes what are you making? Love my quilt - can't believe there is only one more row to add. Those on point squares really bring it all together.



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