Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Mini Jelly Race

I have never used a Jelly Roll! There, I've said it.

I think pre cuts are brilliant, don't get me wrong, but have just never splashed the cash for a Jelly Roll. Judging by the amount of books and patterns that are about I guess they are definitely here to stay.
So with that in mind I dug around to see what was involved in a Jelly Race, a popular day workshop it would seem.
But I wanted to give it a go with my weekday classes, make it part of the current sew a long, make it possible in 2 I studied the sums and came up with a mini jelly race.I know some of my students have used or at least purchased/acquired Jelly Rolls. But I didn't want to insist one had to be bought, so as an alternative I worked out how much would be needed should anyone like to cut into stash.

In class I cracked the whip!! We were on the clock after all.
It was a bit of a learning curve for everyone including me - results were interesting depending upon the length of strips and variety of fabrics used. I was intrigued at how those with less variety of different prints,produced quite interesting patterns. The wee quilt tops that were produced measured approximately 32" x 40", one or two returned to the next class with their little quilts all quilted and bound.

Here are some of the fun results -

Well done ladies, you all did brilliantly. We are currently in the middle of our 4th project, I'll be back soon to show our results.


  1. I've never used a jelly roll either. Nearest I've come is buying a moda scrap bag. But that's sat some where unused too!

  2. I prefer charm squares but I've used bit of jelly rolls ! Well done ladies!

  3. I have only ever bought one jelly roll and half of it is still sitting in the cupboard. Your ladies quilts look great though, maybe I need to liberate the remainder of that roll and start that race :)

  4. I've never used a jelly roll either! (I have used a honey bun, though, and a Moda scrap bag so they're sort of the same!) Lovely mini roll tops!



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