Sunday, 15 November 2015

Class Sew A Long - project 5 & more...........

For the last two weeks the ladies in my classes have been working hard, making Decorative Storage Hoops. Here is my sample hoop which allowed me to use a precious piece of Charley Harper fabric that I had loitering in my stash.
And here is a selection of the fabulous hoops made by my ever creative ladies most of whom appear terribly camera shy.

Just one more small project to go before we get down to planning part 2 of our course, more of that later.
Meanwhile, some of you may recall that earlier this year, many of my students contributed blocks to Nicky's Siblings Together drive. Recently, Nicky asked me if I thought we could go one better for next year and perhaps come up with a quilt. So I put on my thinking cap and came up with a plan. I have asked for 20" quilted blocks -  just nine of these will join together into a pretty decent 60" quilt. I have planned four different colour options and have already had lots of blocks pledged (and some already made!!)
 My role will be to join the blocks using QAYG strip techniques and then bind them too.
 Here is the block I have come up with -

and how such a block will look in a quilt -

The ladies in my classes always rise to a worthy challenge and I have no doubts that together, we will pull this off too.


  1. Oooh fantastic you and your ladies are such stars ! I am so thrilled you do not know how happy this has made me ! Give them a huge big thanks from me and Maria who is also involved in leading the campaign - bravo girls! And I love the hoops too - especially that Charley Harper one!b

    1. We all love a challenge and it is a great cause.

  2. I have been meaning to make one of those hoops for ages, your fantastic examples might just be the push that I need Sheila!

  3. Oh! Those Hoops! Aren't you the clever teacher. What a fun idea . . . And apart from yours . . the one I would steal is the Mumma Cat and the Kitties (of course!)

  4. I love those hoops! Your design for the BPQ ST quilt is fabulous and making it QAYG is the way forwards, I think!



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