Monday 14 November 2016

Moving Forward

Gosh, more than a month since my last post, where to begin...........?

SO the Dog's Dinner has been taken down from the design wall and put to one side - I will return to it, I promise but not this year.

I have made good progress on The Wedding Quilt, as it has become known, and have quilted the biggest, central section but the outer sections have also been laid to one side as I have started to pay attention to Christmas sewing.

My sewing room/ spare bedroom has been frightened by a surge of energy not equalled in a very long time and I have purged my books and my Accuquilt so far. Twelve years of classes allowed me to amass a great many things that I will not necessarily continue to use, so I am thinning out a bit, and it feels good.

There has been great sadness this month that I am going to share as many of my former students will wish to know that little Beth passed away at the beginning of the month. It was Beth's story that inspired our fundraising in April for our very last Open Day and she defied all the medics by surviving two months beyond her fourth birthday. She was a wee girl with a big heart and lots of spirit.

During her palliative care, a new charity (MEMORIES ARE BETTER THAN DREAMS) was set up by a doctor and nurse within Ayrshire & Arran NHS, a charity that helps families of terminally ill children - this help can be in very small ways, it can be help to buy a headstone, practical help for a single parent, it is a fledgling charity that won Charity of the Year locally and Team Beth will continue to fundraise to support its work.

And with impeccable timing I had a wee light bulb moment over the weekend.

Our local Ayrshire Quilters' Quilt Exhibition came to an end yesterday and today I picked up my exhibits - I had considered offering them for sale during the exhibition, but in the end baulked at the high commission charge.
So I thought maybe it was meant to be - instead I would try to sell them now and pledge a share to go to this new charity, and that is just what I'll do. So I shall list them here and on FB. I have decided not to put them on to my online shop as I'll try to keep costs down and avoid commission along the way.
So if by any chance there is anyone interested please leave a comment and I will get back to you.

1. This first quilt is a former class sample - it measures 54" x 73", front & back is 100% cotton and the batting is Hobbs 80/20. It currently has a hanging sleeve attached but I can easily remove this if you wish.
I am asking £120 including P&P anywhere and from this I pledge £50 to Memories are Better than Dreams if sold

2.  This next one is a wallhanging - "A Bridge Too Far" my interpretation of the two Forth Bridges for a Loch Lomond Quilt Show challenge. Measuring 24" x 25" it too is made of 100% cotton back & front with Hobbs 80/20 batting. It has penny weights attached to the bottom corners for beautiful hanging quality.
I am asking £40 + P&P (to be decided) with £40 pledged to Memories are better than Dreams if sold.


3. Another wallhanging - this one I called Colours of Oz as it was made following a workshop with the wonderful Gloria Loughman. It measures 20" x 24" is 100% cotton and again I used Hobbs 80/20 batting.
I am asking £30 + P&P (to be confirmed) with £30 pledged to Memories are Better than Dreams  if sold.

4. And lastly, my Rozelle Remembrance piece that features one of the fabulous images of the WW1 wooden carved statues that stand in Rozelle park as a tribute to the WW1 soldiers. Made in 100% cotton in little log cabin blocks, it is mainly machine quilted but also features and area of hand quilting. Batting is Hobbs 80/20. Measures 20"
I am asking £30 + P&P (to be confirmed), with £30 pledged to Memories are Better than Dreams, if sold.

All wall hangings come complete with hanging sleeve or corners for you to pop a dowel into.

Thank you for looking and if none of this is for you maybe you might like to visit the Memories donate page and make your own donation?

1 comment:

  1. Such a sad month for you and family Sheila.
    May Beth's spirit live on, for all who knew her.

    Congratulations on the purge! More room for new things!



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