Thursday 31 January 2019

Furtling in January

So, when Helen and I happened to each publish a recent blog post for the first time in a long time we were bemoaning to each other how so many blogs have fallen by the wayside.
Helen decided to take the bull by the horns, approached a few other bloggers and from today we are hoping to refresh our blogging habit.

And furtling? It's a word that tickled us all, it means having a rummage, a delve, a look at the contents of something. For example, 'Have a furtle in that cupboard and see if you can find it.

I have furtled a good bit in January working on a few little projects. I also have a few outstanding bigger projects too but won't load them all onto here, baby steps.

My main focus has been to work on the quilt I planned for my expected Grandson. He will be a baby brother for Ava and due just a couple of days after her 7th birthday in March.
Meanwhile, we welcomed baby Macie into the family in November, a first baby for my son & his wife. It's amazing increasing from one to three grandchildren in such a short time, we are so fortunate.

Baby Max ( not his real name but the bump's name) has a daddy who passes on his shirts to me for patchwork. He tends to wear rather nice quality shirts and so I thought perhaps a quilt made from daddy's shirts might be cute, even including one of his pink shirts. I spent one session at the Ayr Modern Quilters' Guild stripping down a few shirts to useable chunks.
A further session had me cutting a number of 5" squares and 2.5" squares and then I got going with the quilt itself.
I am sorry but can't recall where the pattern came from but definitely found it free online.
One of the joys of using old shirts is how soft the finished top is, the shirts having been washed numerous times, I must remember to pre-wash the backing fabric.

Why don't you go have a look at some of the other Furtling blogs, just press the button below.

Archie The Wonder Dog


  1. That top is gorgeous and I can just imagine how soft it is! Thank you very much for having a furtle and joining in the fun - I'm already wondering why I haven't done this before!!! (Even with all the button code and photo mishaps!) There's three of you in the party now *waves pompoms*

  2. Hi Sheila! That's going to be *adorable*, and yes, beautifully soft, plus if daddy lounges with it a little, it'll carry his scent as well, good for soothing babes and getting them used to their dads. Congratulations on your little grand-daughter! Until next time! xx

  3. That’s so pretty Sheila - well furtled

  4. I love your quilt,My mother in law who lived in Cornwall used to use the word furtle,I hadn't heard it for many years.

  5. It's funny I was also thinking about blogging more so this is timely. I love the idea of making a quilt out of the baby's dads shirt, makes it even more special

  6. What a sweet idea to make the baby quilt from daddy's shirts. I can imagine how soft that must be!
    Isn't it surprising how many people are reviving their blogs at the moment?!

  7. This looks great. I'm sure max will love it and having his Dad's shirts incorporated makes it even more special :)

  8. What a great use for those shirts, and such a personal touch for a baby quilt - I really love this.

  9. Lovely top! I think I must get my boys to wear more shirts ...

  10. So very happy to have stumbled onto your and Helen’s brilliant idea to revive blogging; just the push I needed. Your baby quilt-made-from-daddy’s- shirts is wonderful...what are you using for backing? I’ve got jeans and shirts from my two cowboy grandsons cut up ready to sew into a quilt and your shirt quilt top is inspiring me to “git ‘er done!”

  11. Loved the shirting. So effective. I’m sure I’ve see. At FoQ a stand selling recycled fabric. Much better getting it from the orginal source



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