Sunday, 31 March 2019

A Little Madness in March

March was always going to be a busy month.

Our third grandchild was expected on 13th of the month but arrived two days early in rather a hurry making a very special birthday present for his big sister Ava.

Ava and baby Murray sharing a birthday forever.

A few days later our other grand daughter Macie jetted off on her first foreign holiday and loved the warm sunshine.

Macie, now 5 months

Back in my sewing room I was able to get busy. The quilt I had prepared for Baby Murray was fashioned out of his daddy's shirts, I mentioned this a couple of posts ago. I had bought rather a nice cotton gingham fabric for the back which felt almost like a soft flannel. Before assembly, if I can, I like to machine embroider a personalised label using the backing and wadding and then fully layer up, creating an integral label. However, as soon as I started to embroider the machine began to chew up the backing fabric - ugh!!
Back to the drawing board, I decided the gingham fabric was quite a loose weave nd ditched it (although I did go on to use it for binding)
I then decided to stick with shirts and made up a backing using 9 large pieces. Although I loved the soft feel of the back and front I was very nervous about quilting this little project - I just knew it was going to ripple and pleat and do all those other nasty things you just don't want. I knew I wouldn't sit and hand quilt so I opted to machine tie it. Every intersecting point was stitched with a small fancy satin stitch pattern and then each plain white patch was treated to two similat "ties".
I do feel a bit disappointed but remind myself that I have made this quilt totally from used fabric (apart from the wadding of course) and think in a funny way that the quilting sort of suits its style.

Moving on, I made a bit of an effort and achieved my second quilt finish of the month. This next quilt started over a year ago as an alternative colour sample of an old class project and is something I am hoping to offer soon as a pattern. 
When I bought the Lewis and Irene "Island Girl" range it made me think of Disney's Moana so it was always destined for Ava, I just hope she still like Moana by the time she gets it

I also continued with my Luna Lapin wardrobe.............I am now happy to say that as well as her coat and shoes, Luna not only has a new polka dot dress but finally her modesty is preserved with the addition of some French knickers.

My final March make was somthing I have fancied doing for a while - converting a small tin (typically an Altoids one) into a mini playset. It was so much fun as I footered (or furtled) with little bits of paper, felt, glue etc........

And finally before linking up with Mini Archie, please indulge me as proud Grandma as I share my attempts to get all three into one photo. Herding cats came to mind.

Archie The Wonder Dog


  1. Your grandchildren are adorable and I love your rabbit and tin play sets. Your quilts are beautiful too :)

  2. Lovely quilts and grandchildren also.

  3. Bravo looks like a productive month for you Sheila! So glad Luna has her knickers on

  4. What a busy month, some lovely finishes.

  5. Lovely quilts and beautiful grandchildren. Luna is a lucky rabbit 😊

  6. What an awesome final photo Sheila. Its so gorgeous to see them all together. Your free time is probably on the endangerd list so I am surprised you have done so much stitching. Love little Murray's quilt.

  7. Welcome to the world, Murray! And hasn't Macie grown?! Ava is, of course, as bonny as ever and looks proper chuffed with her unexpected birthday present - I hope she feels the same way when he tries to blow out both sets of candles in a few years! The quilt for Murray is gorgeous and I think the tieing perfectly suits the quilt as it allows the softeness of the shirts to be properly appreciated. Thanks for furtling!



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