Sunday, 1 September 2019

August Round Up

So I just spent an age writing a fabulous (honest) blog post about my August pursuits.
Blogger would not preview but did appear to save...........until I closed and re- opened and it was gone!

I am sorry but just don't have the energy to re- create so will show a few pics and remind you that I am linking up with Mini Archie's Furtle around the blogosphere.

Some home made dishcloths.

A Lola pouch

Another Mandolin block

Archie The Wonder Dog


  1. So sorry you lost your blog post. Lovely pictures of your work!

  2. Pretty stitches in spite of troublesome tech!

  3. Blogger can be right mare at times! Love a lola pouch

  4. I feel for you! Blogger tends to eat my comments, and I have to get a little tricksy with it... Loving the colours you chose for each of your projects--they all feel so different! Brava! xx

  5. Blogger can be a right s*d when it wants to be, can't it?!! Sorry you lost your post, but I love that both you and Hazel have done pictorial furtles this month! Thanks for linking up!



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