Saturday 29 February 2020

Leap Day Furtling

I felt the need to make sure I blogged this month especially the 29th February!!

So I feel I have been quite busy in the sewing room this month but will wait until March to share a couple of gift items that I'd like to remain a secret.

I was in the mood for a little scrap playing but lately have liked to keep my scraps in some sort of colour order, have moved on from the dog's dinner stuff that I have indeed produced in times past.

So I started with scraps of a Lewis and Irene range, Big Bear Little Bear and hopefully keeping to a sort of controlled palette I added strips to squares until I had 4 blocks by five.

I then found just enough pale aqua from another scrap box that lightened things up and picked out aqua details from the Bear fabric, added some little connecting squares and managed to have a quilt top completed. I had lots of fun trying to achieve the block size (7") and am delighted to have also found a metre of fabric in my stash to back this little quilt. I'll store this one.

I can't lay claim to this next project as it was achieved by Grandaughter Ava a few days ago. I gave her a pile of pre cut scrap squares which she assembled and then sewed on her machine using a 1/4" foot for the first time. I ironed, she sewed, and I was delighted at her squeals of joy as she realised she had actually joined the pieces together. We used a piece of fleece for the back and "bagged it", a technique that she found "magic".

And today she was at my design wall working on 2 1/2" squares....................


And to finish - remember I told you about the hoodie I'd been knitting for three years? Ripped down, it has become this -  the guilt has now slipped from my shoulders, phew.

As always, am linking to Archie's Furtling Adventures.

Archie The Wonder Dog


  1. That’s a gorgeous scrap quilt you’ve made! And Ava’s first quilt is amazing! Bravo! *waves pompoms*

    I can’t believe you’ve turned the ripped back hoodie into a blanket already!! That just goes to show that the yarn really wasn’t supposed to be a hoodie at all and that’s why it was resisting becoming one! Hooray for finishes! *waves pompoms* Thanks for furtling!

  2. Love how you have re-purposed the hoodie. It looks awesome! What a terrific finish Ava has; well done.



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