Friday 25 September 2009

Debut blog

Well, imagine this, me, a blogger!

If you are in one of my classes, welcome to my blog - hopefully we can use this as a forum to discuss any little problems or niggles arising from class.

Please feel free to post any comments on your quilting life, interesting events, places visited etc........

Visit often, and let's see how it goes.


  1. Hi quilters, Nan here. Think your blog is a great idea Sheila. I've never been on a blog before but I'll have a go at posting a comment. I was at the Quilt Festival yesterday (Saturday) at Ingliston and then stayed overnight with my daughter in Morningside. The Quilt Show was good but not at all busy. Seemingly it had been very very busy on Friday and I heard someone say that you couldn't get near the stalls to see the fabric. The owner from the Hannah's Room stall (who is always very pleasant) said that if Sunday was the same as Saturday then they would all be out of business before next year, so I had to buy some fat quarters from each of the stalls to support them didn't I? There was an Irish quilt shop there and an American one. Kaleidoscope were there as always and they are very helpful only thing is the display baskets are all full of half metres (no fat quarters) which is fine but a more expensive buy if you are like me and buy fabrics just because I like them but have no particular project in mind. They will of course cut you a fat quarter from the bale. The competition and show quilts were gorgeous. There seemed to be more traditional quilts this time but lots of contemporary too. Some people have wonderful ideas. There was a huge robin made up from tiny pieces of fabric and you think, how did anyone have the patience to do that. There were a few where the fabrics were folded out from the quilt like a 3D effect. Amazing! People kept putting their hands out to touch the quilts, almost an automatic response when you see something so nice but you're supposed to 'Wear the gloves' said the steward!!! Whilst I was browsing at one of the stalls a woman came charging up and complained very loudly and cheekily that she had just seen the item that she had bought £3 cheaper at a stall further down (I couldn't see what the item was). The lady behind the counter was very polite and said that she was sorry but that was the RRP and she couldn't offer it any cheaper. Well, the purchaser was fizzing mad and started shouting, 'Aye well, I'll no be back, I hate getting done, I hate getting done, and I'll be complaining to the Festival committee about you, and in writing too, I hate getting done!!! and off she went muttering. The lady behind the counter stayed very calm, smiled sweetly and went on serving. Although the show wasn't busy I still managed to get jostled, bumped and stood on about 15 times by quilters trying to get to a particular fabric. Some people are very rude. Oh and the cash machine outside the quilting hall had gone wonky and nobody could get any cash out so people were complaining and off they went to walk over to the airport to get money so determined were they to purchase all the goodies. I suppose they must have come with cash but spent it but weren't done buying. There were some lovely buttons which I couldn't resist and I got some freezer paper for £3.50 from the EQ stall which everyone was snapping up. I reckon it must be a bargain because I saw the identical make and yardage at another stall later on at £8.00 !!! I also got some 'samosas' at 50p each which I couldn't resist they looked so sweet all folded up cleverly. Of course when you get them home and open them out they are just wee strips of fabric which you wouldn't have looked twice at. The man at the Bernina stall was doing pretty well selling machines. Of course he had the gift of the gab. He was saying, 'Now, this machine has a large quilting table, not an essential, not a requirement, but very very hand, a real luxury and every quilter should have one and I'll tell you why.....and on and on he went. It was quite funny but he did get some buyers. There were some lovely Christmas fabrics. There was the whole Moda Figgy Pudding range and I couldn't resist a few fat quarters. The colours are lovely and muted and one has Christmas trees all over it, the other one has parcels. Anyway I'll go now as I've blethered on long enough. I should have spent the time quilting. Sorry, Sheila.

  2. I've never been in one of your classes, as I'm too far away, but I hope you don't mind me popping in to your blog!

  3. On Sunday we shall be stuffing a goose for Christmas, by the time we all have finished we'll have a 'gaggle of geese'
    What would you suggest the collective noun be for quilters?

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