Sunday 1 November 2009

Wet Start to November....

Yuk, what a horrible day - good excuse to sew!

Haven't been blogging lately as I succumbed to what can only have been - man flu!! Have coughed for a fortnight and think it might be coming to an end now, thankfully.

It's been a busy few days - Hallowe'en madness in the shop with lots of mad last minute costumes being planned. It is interesting that most folk buying the bits and bobs for costumes are adults, lots of grown-ups out there dressing up. Think the kiddies are having theirs purchased ready made!!

On way home from work last night, saw my first Christmas Tree in a shop window display - eek!!

On the subject of Christmas trees...................

For those of you in class this last two weeks, you will remember my wee wall-hanging. This first saw the light of day in 2005 at my Christmas in July workshop along with several other projects. It is a super gift which can be knocked up from all your Christmas scraps and if you click on the download buttons on the following documents you will be able to access the pdf files for 3 tree patterns plus the instructions. You can then save these files and use as many times as you wish. When printing from the pdf file, go into "advanced options" and tick the box which says print as image, otherwise the seam allowance won't print. Blog Coaster & Trio Hanging Trio tree 1 Trio Christmas Tree Trio Fir Tree
Finally, I finished my patchwork pup! I made mine with 3 1/2" squares so he is quite a size............will bring him to class if I can fit him in car..........he is called "Scraps" and will be a Christmas gift for our wee nephew Evan, who has just been visiting today - Allan and I feel like we should now be lying down in a darkened room, such energy!!


  1. Hi Sheila, I have just downloaded the trees many thanks for your help. Hope to do a couple of tree hangings for Christmas, but not sure which Christmas!!

  2. I love your puppy,I'm sure Ewan will too.
    The 'friendship' blocks for loch lomond, is there any standardisation required in the wadding ,do you go with what you have?
    I'm liking the triangle tree maybe

    add it to the 'bits and pieces' collection.
    take care,tricia

  3. I like the tree wall hanging and it's top of the "to do" list just ahead of the dog. Now that's I've finally seen the light on foundation piecing, the Carol Doak site was of great interest, and I've downloaded three of her patterns. Reading her blog I was amazed to hear of quilting cruises to the Caribbean! I wish.....
    Margaret H

  4. hey sheila, thanks for the e-mail the other day, did call but just too late - never mond, maybe next time.

    thanks for christmas trees, want to do that with my daughters.

    see you soon now my house of sickness has improved.


  5. Hi I'm you're newest follower and have spent the morning looking through your blog. I love so many of the things you've made that I can't possibly comment on all of them but this post caught my eye because I made one too not so long ago. Yours is so cute.
    Here is the link to mine if you'd like to take a look.

    I'm really looking forward to seeing more of your creations.



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