Tuesday, 5 January 2010


Happy New Year everyone - brrrr. Another winter wonderland this morning and many of us still have the original un-melted snow from before Christmas. We have been living in Ayr now for 20 years and this really is the first significan snowfall we have experienced. We moved here in 1990 from Worcester where we recall much deep snow - and all our friends back then thought we were moving to the land of permafrost - not so, until now!!

Classes resume Wednesday & Thursday for those who can clear a path and can safely journey - for those who cannot I will update on Friday with emails or snail mail.

Keep quilting.

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  1. I received a lovely picture of the little person who was given my 'goose' at christmas.... the beak fits neatly in her mouth! She would not part with it telling every one, mine. I will try to print off the picture or forward it somehow.



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