Wednesday 18 August 2010

Bento Bag

A few days ago I posted a super little bag from Pink Penguin's blog - a bento box is apparantly a Japanese lunch box - sounds nicer than a "Piece Bag" doesn't it - lol.
Anyway, I made one from some scraps, different fabric back & front and I also used cotton wadding in place of interfacing to make it a bit thicker.....what do you think? There are a few more views on flickr, right.


  1. Very nice!! I like how you quilted the bag! Thank you so much for sharing! Piece Bag sounds cute too ;)

  2. I don't think our packed lunches will be quite so healthy!!

  3. Like the bento bag - I bought bento boxes as presents in Tokyo when there for son's wedding - they can be beautiful - lovely polished wood decorated with cherry blossom or bamboo etc - inside they have different compartments for rice, sushi, vegetables etc.

  4. Helene - sounds like a perfect project for you!



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