Friday, 13 August 2010

Blast from the past

As I prep for classes I am reminded of where it all started - in 2003, Allan and I set off to live in Curacao for just over a year - prior to this trip I enrolled on the online City & Guilds course with Design Matters and began working towards this qualification,online.

I completed it in early 2004 and by this time was back in Ayr. A chance remark from a fellow quilter was just what I needed to put my idea of classes into action. I started with classes of four in my dining room.......and the rest is history.
Some of you might be interested in finding out more about City and Guilds and I wholly recommend the course I followed - it was fun, interesting and I honestly started to look around with a quilter's eye. You might be amused to view my "portfolio" by clicking here.

Since completing the course I have attended a few workshops and a design course with Pat Archibald, whose classes I cannot recommend highly enough. She teaches in Edinburgh and as a guest tutor in other UK locations, and abroad. Check out her website here.


  1. The portfolio is full of amazing stuff! Must have been a lot of hard work, especially doing it in relative isolation. Maybe I'm way off the mark but I'm imagining you sewing on a desert island beneath a palm tree!

  2. Not so far off - it was quite a small island, 28 degrees and sunny all the time, most of the sewing was done indoors with air-con! I did get a lot of lovely inspiration tho and developed a wee passion for gekkos!



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