Sunday, 5 December 2010

a bit of a thaw

I will post some more pix of lovely quilts soon but no time today...........we had a lovely day out in Glasgow yesterday, family lunch out at Amore in Ingram Street, yummy. Then Allan and I branched off to the Glasgow Film Theatre to see the third in the Millennium trilogy of films. I think we will be happy to watch all of them again when the DVDs come out.......... you may recall an earlier blog this week bemoaning the fact that the pipes in the garage were frozen - well, whilst we were guzzling and enjoying the cinema, one of the pipes had burst - deep joy! As we pulled on to the drive at about 6.15 the water was pouring down towards the road and apparently had been since midday.-our poor neighbour had been terribly worried and totally unable to make contact with us., it's been a busy, mucky Sunday.
Hope to return to things of a sewing nature soon...................


  1. We were in Glasgow on the same day, that's funny! Sorry to hear about the burst pip :(

  2. Thx Rachel - at least it wasn't inside the house!
    Have noted your Glasgow eatery, my mouth was watering at your food choices!!

  3. defo!! you won't be disappointed!! :)



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